Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun on the Merry Go Round

We spent some time at the mall recently riding the Merry Go round- Will loves rides!!

He also got a hair cut that morning and was so good- he didn't even cry this time!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random moments

So William and Alan have a game they play- William likes to 'sit' on his daddy's legs and have him lift him up and down like riding a pony. He laughs and has a ball! not sure how 'daddy's' legs hold up!

He also is loving to draw more lately. He has his big etch a sketch and also his new easel with chalkboard. Of course there was some chalk on the walls, the couch and a few other places.
He also is getting into the terrible twos- throwing random tantrums for no real reason. Here is one!

Drawing on the new easel!

Petting the dog- he likes to chase them around and likes to give them their doggie treat when they come in each night.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas!

Well for the first time in many years, we had a white Christmas in Texas! After the whirlwind of our 10 days away at disney and me ending my old job and starting a new one- it has been very hectic! We spent Christmas eve at my mom's house, as is tradition. We enjoyed our traditional mexican food dinner and opened way too many presents! Will enjoyed picking up all the trash (I told you he is obsessed with trash).

Here is the front of the house on Christmas Eve with all the snow!
Getting home Christmas Eve as a bit treacherous, but we managed. Christmas morning, we both went upstairs and got Will up. Santa brought him a train for Disneyworld, tons of cars (big and small), a play tent, a tunnel, books and a lot more. Here he is having a good time Christmas morning!

Later in the afternoon- we headed up to Oklahoma, just north of Ardmore to see Alan's family. We knew the roads could be bad up that way, but we had a big 4wheel drive truck. So we loaded up William the dogs and presents and headed out. The roads were fine until we crossed the border, then they started getting worse. by the time we reached the Turner Falls area, it was really bad- we counted about 55 stranded cars. 35 was down to one lane in many areas and the road was covered in like 6 inches of ice. It was a pretty scary ride. Once we exited for my MIL's neighborhood, it was even worse, since it is a small town and the neighborhood streets hadn't been travelled much. We watched a car spin out right behind us. We finally made it and there was a good foot of snow on the ground. There was a huge snow drift behind her house too. The dogs seemed to enjoy it though!
We had a good Christmas with Alan's family- enjoying opening gifts, eating and sharing time with family. Here is a precious picture of William in time out- crying! LOL