Wednesday, July 30, 2008

9 months old!

So I am finally 9 months old. Really starting to close in on the year mark! Yeah. I had my doc appt and i am 22lbs which is 75th percentile and almost 30 inches tall which is 90th percentile. My head is still off the charts huge at 97th percentile. The doctor was happy that my weight didn't increase too much and that I am coming down to a more normal weight instead of so off the charts. I had two shots and a finger prick. they think i am anemic, but will test again at a year. I am along the lines of an 11 month old developmentally.
I am eating more and more tablefood even though I still don't have any teeth. I am just a little late on getting teeth, but it's pretty normal. I am eating snacks like puffs and stuff too. I am always eyeing Mommy and Daddy's food.
I am crawling like crazy, in fact I crawled full steam ahead into a dining room chair the other night and got a knot on my head. I am also pulling up to standing on my own regularly now, especially in my crib or pak and play.
I am in a bigger class at day care too and I love it. Daddy thinks I really love my new morning teacher- he says I am so happy when he drops me off. When mommy picks me up, i am always having fun playing on the floor with my friends.
I really love playing on daddy's lap at his computer. So he gave me my very own keyboard to punch away at all I want. I really like to bang my other toys on it.
My Aunt Chele and Uncle Rich brought over one of my cousin Garrett's and Camille's old toys. I love it! I know you are reading this Camille- Hi and thank you!!!!Nene also came over one night this week and we played on my little scooter- again, another hand me down from cousins (Ally and Mikey!). Boy we love all the hand me down big toys- I LOVE playing with them, so good thing I have lots of cousins (7 in all!). Nene would push me to Mommy and then back and forth.
We also went to the waterpark, since we didn't get enough at the beach! We went to Hawaiian Falls in North Garland and met up with Nene and then some of mommy's old work friends, Alissa and Jennifer. Jennifer brought her son Ian and Alissa brought her two nephews. We had a blast as usual.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My first vacation at the beach

THANKS Mama and Papa for a great trip!
Get ready for a long post, we have lots of pics! So mommy and daddy took me on my first vacation last week. We headed to Sea World San Antonio and down to the Corpus Christi area to Mustang Island/Port Aransas to a beach house for a week. Mama and Papa (grandparents) were kind enough to get the house for all of us, including my cousins and aunts/uncles. We had a blast. It was me, my parents, my grandparents, my aunt Wendy/Uncle MIke and their 2 kids, then Nene and Jeff and then my cousin CK (Daddy's brother's son from OK) and then my aunt Wendy's neice Cassidy. So we had a big group and everyone pitched in to help take care of me. We left for Sea World on Saturday at about 8:30am. We arrived and checked into a Marriott Courtyard in San Antonio and headed to lunch and then Seaworld. We spent the day there until they closed at 10pm. I did really well on the drive there- almost 5 hours and hardly fussed at all. Here are some pics of everything we did.
here's mommy and me at seaworld on the first day at the waterpark section chilling in the pool
Daddy and me in the poolmy family all in the pool having fun at seaworld, it was just a little crowded, can't you tell this is me relaxing in my stroller at the pool and playing with my bottle. i did pretty well and didn't even get sunburned! we did see lots of interesting things at seaworld, including kids with no clothes on or swim diapers. we won't even go into the part about people that shouldn't wear speedos or bikinis. I am 9 months old and know better!
At Seaworld, we saw a lot. Daddy fed the dolphins, we saw the sharks, saw the Shamu show at night, rode 2 water rides, did the water park and saw the walruses and penguins. It was really hot though, so all the adults had to stop for lots of samples of the free beer on both days. good thing Anhauser Busch owns the park! We were really tired both days since the park is very spread out and there is a lot of walking. Plus keeping a group of 10 adults and 3 kids together is a challenge in itself, nevermind the 90-100 degree heat.

Here is the cute pirate hat that mama and papa bought for me!

Here is Daddy feeding the dolphins Me and my cousins- Mikey (almost 2) and Ally (almost 5)
After a full day at seaworld, i was wiped out and took a nap with my new Shamu!

So we did Seaworld on Sunday from about 10am-2pm, then we headed on to Port A for the rest of the vacation. We arrived in Port A around 5pm or so and took the cars over on the ferry. The beach house was very nice and had 3 bedrooms, a loft and 3 baths. It had a great porch, but we thought it had ocean views and it didn't except on the second floor. we were a half block from the beach though.
Here's me and daddy at the beachhouse taking a breakMe and daddy at the beach, this is one of the few times I was fussy, i was so tired and fighting a nap. This was before we bought a nice pop up canopy too, so daddy was holding the umbrella to shade me!Me and mommy on the porch. i am really becoming a mommy's boy now. I cry when she leaves the room.Me and my cousin Mikey playing and sharing toys. I know we will be great buddies when we are older. He is just about a year older than me. The family enjoying the porch outside.Me in Mikey's stroller when we visited the USS Lexington aircraft carrier in Corpus.

My new sailor's hat from our visit to the aircraft carrier. man i look cute! Mikey got a matching one too.

Daddy trying to show CK some stuff on the beach one night.

Mikey made a huge mess in the sand. He loved it!Here I am playing in the sand and water. I loved crawling and trying to eat Must eat sand!!!! we also took a nature/dolphin watch cruise one night. it was about 2 hours and we saw dolphins and then they also had live sea creatures in the boat for us to touch and feel, including crabs and fish.

me and papa playing!

Our spot at the beach in the shade! Man, this vacation stuff is hard work, it is wearing me out! My cousin CK built some sand castles on the last day. it was his first time to ever see the ocean. He had a blast boogie boarding the whole trip. Well that was my trip. i had a blast, although i had a 9hour trip back home this weekend. But i travelled so well. My next trip will be to DisneyWorld in December 2009, so a year and a half away. I am sure I will go somewhere on a short vacation before then. But for now, I have great pictures and memories of the beach!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

8 months old and crawling!

WEll i turned 8 months old on June 30th! and i have been crawling since 7.5 months. started off as the army crawl, but now i am all over the house! I have discovered the stairs too. don't worry, mommy and daddy are putting up a gate. I really like pulling myself up to my knees, but i am still working on learning how to pull up to my feet on my own.
Mommy bought me a new ball and i love playing catch!
Here's my fourth of JUly outfit- we went out to Lake Tawakoni with some friends and I had a blast and saw my first fireworks!

i am so busy these days playing. I love playing my piano!

I also love this activity table that belonged to my cousin Mikey. I like to stand at it and flip the pages on the book

And here is my cute pirates outfit! I think i am going to have a pirates theme for my first birthday party!

and here is a video of some crawling!