Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday on a blustery day!

We attended Samantha and Mallory's first birthday party this weekend at the park. Talk about a blustery day, Winnie the Pooh would have been miserable! William, however, had a blast. We spent some time at the park sliding down slides, climbing through tunnels and overall getting dirty. Of course I had to outdo William and got dirtier, as someone's cake plate blew across the table onto my back, leaving red icing all over me. It's not a party until someone makes a mess, right?

William had great fun in the bounce house- his first bounce house experience. He thought it was hilarious to just walk around and fall down over and over in there.

Mallory- one of the birthday girls! Happy bday girls! I remember when your mom got the exciting news it was twins :)

Hits, bites and scratches

William had a very interesting week at day care, or 'school' as we call it. He apparently tried to hit another kid and that child bit him back on the arm. he had a nice welt from that. Then as I go to pick him up, another kid scratches his face, very near his eye. There is a 'bully' in his class, so I wonder if it was him or not. They won't say of course as is practice. Poor kiddo looked like he got into a fight!

Monday, April 20, 2009

What did the Easter bunny bring?

The Easter bunny came and brought William some goodies. We had an Easter Egg hunt in doors since it was wet and rainy out. It was at Mama's house.
Mikey, William and Ally really enjoy playing in the play room on the new bunk beds at mama's!

We will have to wait on more Easter pics from Nancy who took most of them. Will enjoyed Easter, although he isn't a big fan of candy- he could care less about chocolate and spit it out when we tried to give it to him. The buzz lightyear flash light aunt Wendy gave him was a huge hit!!

Read me a story!

William loves his books- of course he wants to read the same ones over and over........his favorites are baby colors, numbers and alphabet. Sunday, Alan got William up and fed him breakfast, but then Will wanted his shoes on, even though he wasn't really dressed yet (no pants on yet).......

and he loves his flash cards- mainly to stack and move around the house in piles.....OCD maybe? like mommy?

And he has figured out how to crawl onto the coffee table!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood HOA had an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday for all the kids. Will had a lot of fun!

We did have an 'accident' this weekend- Will ran down the sidewalk on Friday and flew over the step and fell face first. He has a nice strawberry on his head and nose. Poor kiddo looks like he went ten rounds!

Will liked finding eggs, but didn't really care for the candy itself.

William also had an egg hunt at day care too and made this cute mask.

And the best news this week is that mama (grandma) had her brain surgery (Monday) and all went well. She got to come home on Saturday! Now we plan to have Easter at her house and let her relax and enjoy. She is still recovering, but we are all so happy to have her home, recovering and healthy!!!!

April Fool's!

Here's a few pics of us just goofing around!
I also bought Will these animal flash cards this past weekend. He loves these cards, he likes to stack them and carry them around and pretend to read them!