Monday, February 21, 2011

Wednesday Williamisms

So this week, Will's silly sayings included:

After running to the potty at El Fenix, i forgot to hold the stall door open and it almost shut on him, i grabbed it quickly and said sorry, he says "No problem, mommy".

He likes Alan to do 'this little piggie' before putting on his socks and shoes in the am. Except he likes to say "This little piggie went to Wal-mart" instead of the market.

While watching tv, there was something said on there about 'their favorite girl' and William said "Audrey" (his little girlfriend at day care)

Oh Coconuts (from his new favorite cartoon)

"Mommy, i farted in the potty."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Williamisms

Every Wednesday, I'll try and feature the funny things Will has said each week.

Coming downstairs at 7am in the morning on Saturday and standing by my bed......."Mommy, I'm naked!"........I had taken off his flannel pajama shirt after he fell asleep since he was sweating up a storm in it. He was half asleep when I did it. I guess he woke up shirtless and was confused!

After hearing his day care teacher call out a little girl's name as Michelle in his class (must have just moved into the class), I told William that is my name too. He said "No Mommy, your name is not Michelle, your name is Mommy!". How true.

We also recently had a hard time figuring out a song William was singing. It sounded like spanish, but I couldn't make out the words until recently. It was to the tune of "Oh My Darling, Oh My Darling". We finally figured it out- I knew he was saying Sabado in the end (although his language skills are not the best/clearest yet). Turns out, it was a Seven Days of the Week song and he knows it in spanish and english! "Siete Dia".......Sad when your toddler knows more spanish than you!

Toffee Anyone?

After a horrible week of ice and snow, the first week of February, we finally ventured out to the mall for fear of cabin fever.

Will had a great time, getting a cookie as a sweet treat, lunch at the food court and a toy at the Disney Store. Out of all the toys there, he narrows it down to two toys, a lightning mcqueen race car or a princess tea set. So what does he choose? The princess tea set. Yep, my little guy loves playing with fake dishes! It came in a pretty giant pink tea pot and has a setting of four cups, plates and everything else for tea.

We also visited Build a Bear for the first time and let him make a stuffed animal friend. He picked a stuffed dog. He had a lot of fun bringing him to life.
And then giving him a 'bath'. Then we picked out clothes. The dog got some joe boxer underwear, pants and a button up shirt. I asked William what he wanted to name him and he has a hard time coming up with original names, usually he says a kid's name from his class or a family member, like Brynley. So we worked through some names and came up with Toffee. Now Toffee sleeps with William every single night!

Despite the chilly outside, we had a great little outing at the mall.

Monday, February 14, 2011

High Expectations?

We're in trouble now! Will is going to have such skewed expectations when it comes to life. We took him to his first Dallas STARS hockey game on Sunday, courtesy of some nice friends who had a suite and are long time season ticket holders. I guess they get a suite a few times a year and invited us along. Of course we typically would not be in a suite, but the cheap seats. We've been extremely lucky to have opportunities through family, friends or work for the good seats from time to time at sporting events.

Our friends have three young kids, including a 3yo daughter that is just Will's age, so it was perfect.

So as we sat in the comfy suite, chowing down on yummy food (Will ate a huge hot dog and a lot more!), I started to think how I hope he doesn't expect this as the norm! I guess he is also spoiled when it comes to vacations/Disney too. He has already been to the beach once and to Disney World twice and he is only three. So as I sat there munching my popcorn and watching the game, I counted my blessings and thought how lucky we are. As an only child, (for the time being), he gets spoiled a lot, but we are definitely trying to instill that nothing in life is free and appreciate what you have! But until he is old enough to really understand that lesson, I'll guess he'll just enjoy the view!By the way, Will and Savannah had a great time at the game, he read to her, they shared race cars and gave each other hugs. So darn cute!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cake and Cheese

William loves snacking on weight watcher lemon cakes and cheese sticks.....i keep them in the fridge where he can reach them. He loves to come in and ask for 'cake and cheese'. Great combo, right?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Only in Texas...........

Only in Texas can we go from a beautiful weekend of mid 70 temperatures to record breaking freezing and snow. Last weekend (Jan 29th), we enjoyed some fun both outside and in.......the weather was gorgeous and we spent some time outside, going for walks in his wagon and working in the yard. William helped me rake leaves and sweep the sidewalk- we both worked so hard, we got blisters!

We also visited the playground, one of his favorite things to do- so warm, no jacket needed!We also spent some mommy and me time at the movies. This was only his second time at the movies and he did okay. We saw Tangled and he loved having popcorn and a drink. He kept trying to repeat outloud everything said in the movie though. And as mentioned..........only in Texas........we got from a lovely warm weekend to crazy amounts of sleet and snow. February greeted us on Tuesday with a shower of freezing rain starting in the very early morning hours. I had an important meeting to attend, so I had to brave the cold and bad roads, luckily Alan drove me. I was able to leave a bit early and all schools had closed for the day. Wednesday was no better and again schools were cancelled. I worked from home part of the day. Thursday, more of the same, however I managed to make it into work with the truck and my sister watched William for me, since schools were canceled for a third day in a row- which is unheard of here! And finally today, Friday......again, schools canceled............unbelievable! The roads are 2 inches of ice now covered by about 6 inches of snow that just fell this morning. It is beautiful, but treacherous and just in time for the Superbowl.

So yep, don't like the weather in Texas? Just wait a minute, it will change!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm a BIG Boy Mommy

Well it is that time.............our baby is growing up and moving on to a big boy bed. We've been pretty fortunate that William has always been a good sleeper (well after the first two months).

He started sleeping in his crib upstairs (almost through the night) at 2 months old and has been a good sleeper ever since. Since he is so tall, he was quickly outgrowing his day bed (basically his crib with the front taken off to make a day bed). He was just getting too long for it. So mama and papa kindly bought him a new big boy bedroom set.
We spotted a nice full size bedroom set at Ashley and got it. We found some cute navy/orange/gray bedding at Target- something that can grow with him. We got a full size bed so that it can grow with him too and last him until he is off to college. He loves his next bedroom set. We also moved him into another bedroom. We have two bedrooms upstairs, plus a loft/playroom and a full bath. Will's nursery was at the top of the stairs. Alan used the other, larger bedroom as our 'office'.

But we decided to move William into the bigger bedroom now that he is a big boy (and well has so many toys!). So now he has a bit more room and his bedroom is right above our master bedroom, so we can hear every movement. His first night in his big boy bed was great- he hasn't fallen out of the bed yet. Of course that first night, my baby video monitor decided to break and finally die after 3 years. So I wasn't able to set up the camera and keep an eye on him, which meant I made at least 3 trips upstairs to check on him and make sure he was asleep and had not fallen out of the bed!
Now I can often hear him reading his books by the light of his nightlights (or a flashlight) before he drifts off. He really likes being a 'big boy' although that hasn't stopped him from inviting me to sleep with him more than once. But he always has slept on his own (we didn't want to start that habit!) and is doing so great as a BIG BOY!!!

Naughty or Nice?

Well we are a bit behind...........okay, a LOT behind, but I am finally posting Christmas Day! William had a wonderful Christmas and it was the first one that he really 'got it'. Alan and I loved it since threats of Santa actually worked this year!

So Santa did visit! NICE it is. I heard William slowly coming down the stairs on his own about 7:30am Christmas morning. He had asked for a few random things- puzzles, books, kitchen stuff, trash can........yep, trash can. He loves trash cans and really wanted a black trash can he saw at Wal-Mart.

The first thing he saw and checked out was the black trash can. Who knew a trash can could be so fun? Just ask William, he thinks they are a ball.

William's other big gift was a McDonald's play set. One of our family traditions is to go to McDonald's for breakfast every other weekend (sometimes every weekend) to let him play on the playground and enjoy a quick breakfast together. So he loves McDonald's and really was digging this play set. Plus, it had a little trash bin!

He also got a ton of games, puzzles, leapfrog reading system, rock em sock em robots, fake food and more.

All in all, William had a fabulous Christmas and spent the whole morning just enjoying all his fun new toys. Alan even put together his brand new train table my parents got him (which took forever!!!!). Talk about spoiled!

So in 2010, William made the NICE list. Let's see what 2011 holds. He is already eyeing a stainless steel/aluminum trash can, but it might be a little out of Santa's price range for a trash can- we will just have to see how good he is!