Friday, February 4, 2011

Naughty or Nice?

Well we are a bit behind...........okay, a LOT behind, but I am finally posting Christmas Day! William had a wonderful Christmas and it was the first one that he really 'got it'. Alan and I loved it since threats of Santa actually worked this year!

So Santa did visit! NICE it is. I heard William slowly coming down the stairs on his own about 7:30am Christmas morning. He had asked for a few random things- puzzles, books, kitchen stuff, trash can........yep, trash can. He loves trash cans and really wanted a black trash can he saw at Wal-Mart.

The first thing he saw and checked out was the black trash can. Who knew a trash can could be so fun? Just ask William, he thinks they are a ball.

William's other big gift was a McDonald's play set. One of our family traditions is to go to McDonald's for breakfast every other weekend (sometimes every weekend) to let him play on the playground and enjoy a quick breakfast together. So he loves McDonald's and really was digging this play set. Plus, it had a little trash bin!

He also got a ton of games, puzzles, leapfrog reading system, rock em sock em robots, fake food and more.

All in all, William had a fabulous Christmas and spent the whole morning just enjoying all his fun new toys. Alan even put together his brand new train table my parents got him (which took forever!!!!). Talk about spoiled!

So in 2010, William made the NICE list. Let's see what 2011 holds. He is already eyeing a stainless steel/aluminum trash can, but it might be a little out of Santa's price range for a trash can- we will just have to see how good he is!

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Kelly said...

OMG the trash can is hysterical!!! Love it!!! My parents got Brady a train table for his birthday, and it has been a huge hit ever since...he plays with it every day! Love the pics. Looks like Santa was very good to him!!