Monday, May 31, 2010

A weekend to remember

So memorial day is about thanking and remembering our service men and women, past and present, but it also usually means lots of family time for most of us, enjoying that freedom so many others have selflessly secured for us.   Thank you to all those that make it possible!!!!

We had a fabulous 3 days together this weekend.   With starting a new job in January, it's been a while since i had any extra time off.   Having just one extra day was heavenly! 

Saturday was spent enjoying lots of family and old friends as we celebrated my grandpa's 90th birthday, yep, i said 90th!   Although he is struggling through Alzheimer's, grandpa is still in fairly good health and I think he enjoyed his party.  

On Sunday we headed to the Fort Worth zoo, rated as one of the top 5 in the country.   We got there at opening and headed in, knowing it would be a hot day!   William was very excited to see "raffes" and "zezas".    We rode the choo choo train and checked out all the animals.   All in all a good time, but very hot.  
William really likes the turtles!   They had a huge galapagos one that seemed to be trying to get out of its area!

We finished off the day with a stop for dinner and frozen yogurt, which William ate every single bit of, complete with gummi bears, fruity pebbles, pineapple and strawberries on top. 

And finally on memorial day, we went to the water park- where we have bought season passes to enjoy all summer long.  It is only about 10 minutes away and William spent a few weekends there last year and loved it.   So once again, we arrived at opening and got a great spot by the kiddie area.   William shows no fear and wanted to go down the bigger slides in the kid's area.   We went down with him, but then he cried that he wanted to go down by himself, so he did, and of course fell backwards and hit his head.   Eventually he found one that moved slow though (they didn't have the water flowing well enough i don't think), so he loved that one and must have gone down it about 25 times.   He doesn't understand the concept of waiting in line for it though, so Alan and I had to take turns going up and down with him.   He had a blast and didn't want to leave, 3 hours later.   Nene came too and hung out with us for a while!  

Monday, May 17, 2010

OCD much?

Wow I have been such a slacker! So my son has definitely taken after me.  He is full blown OCD!!!  He likes to line up his puzzle pieces, animals and loves to clean.  I even found all his books straightened up in a perfect stack on his bed one morning.  He likes to push his little toy shovel around like a vacuum, even though he is afraid of the real vacuum.    I would be concerned, but he is perfectly happy, verbal and social, so i think he just is OCD like me- he likes things organized!  My poor child.  I am sure it will disappear at some point- like the teen years when we all become slobs.  Here he is lining up all his little characters:

We had a great weekend.   Will is still in swim class and loves it!  Here are a few pictures of him swimming.   He can hold his breath for so long.   He swims pretty well, but now that he is using his arms more, he tends to get more upright, instead of on his tummy, so that he is almost walking in the water or treading water.  Too funny.  It always makes me nervous, but he sits there on the side so well, never falling in or trying to get in when it isn't his turn (one kid fell in once and made me nervous!!!).  The teacher takes turns with each of the four kids.
And then we had our annual neighborhood block party this weekend.   William was so scared when the fire truck pulled up- not sure why.   All the other kids loved seeing it.  He jumped in the bounce house some, ate too many cookies and strawberries and had a good time.   Unfortunately it was really hot, so we didn't last but an hour or so. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sir William I

This past weekend, we took a trip out to the Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, a popular (and HUGE!) renaissance festival.   We only made it about 4 hours before Will was ready for a nap, but we had a good time!

We took the wagon and William only wanted to pull it around most of the time, it wasn't until the very end that he would actually ride in it.  Next time- no wagon or stroller, it was more of a hassle to try and walk slow while he pulled it himself and MR Independent wasn't going to let you pull!

first up- pose with the big scary dungeon master looking guy!  William just wanted to play with the cane!  Maybe we should have bought him a walking stick (they had a ton for sale- and Wizard's staffs too! lol)
Then on for a quick stop for a beer for mommy and daddy!  Then off to the fire whip show- Will loved this one- sure was loud, but very cool!

Then it was time for a turkey leg and sausage on a stick followed by viewing the parade!
Then off to watch the Jousting competition!  I snuck Will off for a quick 'ride' though- of course all the rides are 'old world' with wood and rope.  No space mountain here!  He did enjoy it and had to go by himself due to the weight limit (let's not go there please!).   he did just fine by himself!
Next, someone was getting tired so we had to hit up the petting zoo before heading out.   He loved the goats, turtles and especially the rabbits.  WE have so many rabbits at home in the yard, and he tries to see and catch them in the mornings.   So he enjoyed getting to actually pet one.  He then proceeded to spend about 10 minutes chasing the chickens around, which was pretty darn funny.   We also got to pet llamas, puppies, pot bellied pigs, ducks and more! 

After that, we did a little shopping around and walking around- played in some fountains and then it was time to head out.   Started to get a little too warm and someone was really really getting tired and a little fussy.  We know our limits!   We had a good time and think he did too!   We will definitely be back next year.   The entertainment was great and the 'actors' were all so friendly and fun!