Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Little Guppie!

So Alan and I have been taking William to swim lessons since he was about 9 months old. We love Emler Swim School and it is right up the street from our house. He goes every saturday morning. He loves the water. He's really come a long way and now holds his breath a slow 10 seconds under water while swimming. He usually does his arms and forgets to kick, but on this day, he did both pretty well. Here is our little guppie!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Giggles

A few things this weekend, since our land line phone has been out of service for weeks and verizon wants a huge chunk of change to come fix it for a second time, we have decided to cancel our land line altogether. So I went and got an iphone on saturday and so far am loving it! I am giving my old basic phone to Alan, which is a first. The man has refused to carry a cell phone in the past! So you'll be seeing lots more random pics taken with my iphone!

Alan got sick today and seems Will has caught the stomach bug too- hopefully I can fight it off.

We also got Will's school/day care pics this week. A photographer comes in once a quarter or less to take pictures. Will's came out so cute with a beach theme- i just happened to put him in a hawaiian shirt, I had no idea what their backdrop was.
William also had a good time tonight at dinner. I dropped a piece of food and he thought it was hilarious.

Texas Summer Fun

Well it is almost too hot outside to even do anything! But we did venture out last weekend to the waterpark for a few hours in the morning. Will just loves it out there- he played in the kiddie area, did the lazy river with us and then the regular pool where he swam back and forth between Alan and me. We had to make him stop and catch his breath, he was going so hard and fast!
I also took Will one evening to an indoor inflatable place. They had a small toddler area, but most of the bounce houses were for 3 and up, so we won't be back until he is 3. He did have fun though with the little bit he could do.

William also loves brushing his teeth. He mainly wants to use our electric Oral-B toothbrushes. He has his own kiddie brush and we even got him a Pooh electric kids one, but he really wants ours. He brushes his own teeth before his bath and even puts the toothbrush in the sink where it goes!