Wednesday, April 23, 2008

5 months and 3 weeks!

So do you think i am outgrowing my baby carrier? The top pic is this week, the bottom pic is me at 2 months old. Wow, i have grown a lot. It's time to get a big boy car seat i guess!
Here I am having a ball on the floor. I like to roll around. The minute mommy or daddy turns away, i roll farther away, almost into the tv.

And of course i still love to eat! feed me! Here I am in my high chair getting ready for dinner.

And here I am in my stroller when we went for a walk outside. I can now sit in it like a big boy minus the baby carrier. It was a little scary my first time riding like this because I couldn't see mommy pushing me, but I like looking at everything outside!

and here is me and my daddy chilling out!

and here I am asking for a hug in my jungle outfit!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

5 months and 2 weeks

I am almost 6 months old, not that far to go. Now that I can roll over like a mad man, i rarely sleep on my back anymore. My daddy usually finds me on my stomach every single morning and the sheet is soaked with my slobber. I even used the pacifier for the first time ever to nap this weekend. I only used it for about 10 minutes, but it helped me get to sleep, then it fell out of my mouth like always.

I am also trying really hard to scoot around and move on my playmat!

I also go crazy in my jumper now. I bounce in it like 50mph! i also have figured out how to play with the toys on it now too. And I am tall enough to not need phone books to prop me up anymore. i can reach the floor! I can sit in it for up to an hour and just go nuts! That's when mom is trying to wear me out

My mom also really knows how to make me laugh!