Wednesday, April 23, 2008

5 months and 3 weeks!

So do you think i am outgrowing my baby carrier? The top pic is this week, the bottom pic is me at 2 months old. Wow, i have grown a lot. It's time to get a big boy car seat i guess!
Here I am having a ball on the floor. I like to roll around. The minute mommy or daddy turns away, i roll farther away, almost into the tv.

And of course i still love to eat! feed me! Here I am in my high chair getting ready for dinner.

And here I am in my stroller when we went for a walk outside. I can now sit in it like a big boy minus the baby carrier. It was a little scary my first time riding like this because I couldn't see mommy pushing me, but I like looking at everything outside!

and here is me and my daddy chilling out!

and here I am asking for a hug in my jungle outfit!

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