Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday Boy!

We had Will's 2yo birthday party this sunday afternoon. With halloween approaching and schedules crazy, this was the best time for us, even though his birthday isn't until October 30th. Alan's family was already in town from Oklahoma for his brother's halloween party, so they were all able to come too! We had it at Pump it Up and I must say, it was so great----no setup, no cleanup and the host even wrote down the gifts and names for me for thank you notes. I should have that guy at all my parties, baby showers etc. lol We spent 40 minutes in the first room, 40 in the second and then 40 in the party room for pizza and cake. Will really liked the slides more so than the bounce houses. We were all pretty sweaty after carrying him up and down the slides etc.

Will isn't big on sweets (who child is he????) so he didn't even want any of the birthday cake!

And when it came time for presents, he was more concerned with throwing away the 'trash' than opening the gifts. My little cleaner- he loves 'trash' and points out trash cans everywhere we go. I sometimes fear as he is yelling 'trash' in the store that someone will think he is talking about them!? LOL Maybe I should have made him a trash man for halloween?

We got Will a power wheels for his bday! He loves it. It is a tractor and while we are not big tractor people, all the others ones were way too big to use in the house and this one seemed like a good fit and he won't outgrow it too quickly. He can ride in the house and outside some. He has figured out to push the gas, but not the steering quite yet!
All in all, it was a great party and thank you to all who came out- he had a blast and was pretty pooped when we got home!

Annual Halloween Hull-a-baloo!

We went to the annual Peters halloween party this saturday night. Alan's brother always goes all out for a fun halloween event for the adults and kiddos. Will was dressed as Captain Hook. He spent a lot of the night going up and the down the stairs and chasing balloons. He was not afraid at all of all the spooky decorations or costumes.

Capt Hook is deep in thought.......should i get the black balloon or the orange one?
There were some fun and unique costumes for sure!!!
DH's family- his two brothers and mom!

Some of the great food to munch on!

It's not a party without the chocolate fountain! I think there was chocolate on the floors and walls by the end of the night!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Howdy- Welcome to the State Fair of TX

So we did our annual trip to the TX state fair this Saturday. It was a long day, I was up early and went to step aerobics with my sister Mandy, so i could counteract some of the calories I would ingest later at the fair, in the form of fried "insert whatver you want". in my case, it was fried pecan pie! We started off with a boat ride- Will rode with his cousins, Michael and Ally! Next up was a plane ride- he loved this and even put his hands up in the air when I told him too!

This was a fire truck thing that went up in the air and we shot water at a target.

We stopped for a beer and some more fried goodness! Fletcher's corny dogs and beers that were way too expensive!

nothing like a monster truck in TX! lol- part of the car show

We also did a ride on a 'hot air balloon' kiddie ride that went up in the air and also spun like a teacup. that was his absolute favorite- he laughed the entire time. At least I know we won't have any issues (hopefully) at disney in 2 months on rides! We also rode a kiddie roller coaster and he had a blast on it too- arms in the air and all!

I also had a great time today seeing Mary Poppins the musical (again at fair park- oh the parking nightmare again!). It was fantastic and my sisters, mom and niece Ally all loved it too. Only two months until we get to see Mary herself at WDW!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dancing fool

We had a very busy Saturday- we got up early to hit first monday trade days in Canton for some shopping. it was very busy though and hard to walk through some areas with a stroller and/or cart. William liked to help push the car too.

Sat night, we hit a birthday party for a family friend who was turning 80. The party was in Deep Ellum and William had a lot of fun dancing!! He mostly just 'jumped', but really was out there wearing himself out!

Just goofing off

William is such a busy bee, that we can't get him to sit for longer than 5 minutes and watch tv. He is now watching Mickey Mouse or Pooh more often, but only a few minutes here and there. When he does see Mickey Mouse on tv, he has to go grab his mickey doll and hold it up to the tv!

He loves his pooh-pooh (Pooh Bear) and Mickey!
goofing around at breakfast!

Back to 'cleaning', sort of-----watering the plants!