Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday Boy!

We had Will's 2yo birthday party this sunday afternoon. With halloween approaching and schedules crazy, this was the best time for us, even though his birthday isn't until October 30th. Alan's family was already in town from Oklahoma for his brother's halloween party, so they were all able to come too! We had it at Pump it Up and I must say, it was so great----no setup, no cleanup and the host even wrote down the gifts and names for me for thank you notes. I should have that guy at all my parties, baby showers etc. lol We spent 40 minutes in the first room, 40 in the second and then 40 in the party room for pizza and cake. Will really liked the slides more so than the bounce houses. We were all pretty sweaty after carrying him up and down the slides etc.

Will isn't big on sweets (who child is he????) so he didn't even want any of the birthday cake!

And when it came time for presents, he was more concerned with throwing away the 'trash' than opening the gifts. My little cleaner- he loves 'trash' and points out trash cans everywhere we go. I sometimes fear as he is yelling 'trash' in the store that someone will think he is talking about them!? LOL Maybe I should have made him a trash man for halloween?

We got Will a power wheels for his bday! He loves it. It is a tractor and while we are not big tractor people, all the others ones were way too big to use in the house and this one seemed like a good fit and he won't outgrow it too quickly. He can ride in the house and outside some. He has figured out to push the gas, but not the steering quite yet!
All in all, it was a great party and thank you to all who came out- he had a blast and was pretty pooped when we got home!

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