Friday, July 16, 2010

Wordless Friday

Just had to have the giant stuffed Tigger at the local disney outlet.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summertime and the living is easy.....

Well it's been super busy this summer so far. Work has been really crazy for me, so updates have been tough. Here's what we've been up to! so day care does fun activities every wednesday in the summer- here is when Mickey Mouse came to visit, although it looks a bit like Mighty Mouse! lol

William is 2.5 now and almost 40 inches tall! I can't wait until his third birthday doctor appt in October to weigh and measure him officially! He is speaking a lot more now, but many words are hard to understand. He can count to 10 in spanish and to 20 in english. Of course he says the ABCs and he can actually recognize the letters- in fact, he will spell out words on books that are in large type. He is all boy- starting to climb on the furniture more and just being 'rough'. He skinned up both knees a few weeks ago pretty badly. AS long as mommy or daddy kisses his boo boo, he is usually fine. He just got moved up to the next class at day care- the toddler 2B class, now back with many of his friends again and i hope it also excels his speech a bit too. He is still a good sleeper at night- he likes his big boy bed and will read books in the dark before going to sleep. He typically is in bed by 8:30pm and up at 7am or so. Although this past weekend, he slept from 9pm-9am one day- it was a hard day of lots of playing!

We also took William to see his first movie. Remember, this is the kid that won't watch more than 10 minutes of a cartoon at home. So i was nervous. But we got our popcorn and drink and he sat through it and did pretty well. We only had to get up and walk around the hallway twice. He would see something on screen and point it out to me and say it very loudly over and over. But he kept on the 3D glasses the whole time too and brought along his stuffed Woody! It was fun and i look forward to taking him to the movies again!

We also had fun dog sitting Auntie Alissa's dog Baxter. he is such a good dog and William thought he was so cool, since we aren't used to big dogs! They made quick friends.

William still likes to help out around the house too!

We've also been back to Hawaiian FAlls for the third time since getting our season passes and he loves it. We usually only stay a few hours, but he rides the slides over and over again!

We also went to a pool party at a friends house where William had such fun, his fingers were raw from the water and side of the pool!He really loves his water table in the backyard too, he will play for hours out there if we let him!

and lastly, we caught some fireworks for the 4th- he enjoyed munching on cookies while watching!