Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm 5 months old!

I just turned 5 months old on March 30th! I am really getting to be a big boy! My mommy had to travel a lot this month for work to Orlando and Las Vegas, so Daddy watched me a lot while she was gone. Boy did she miss me though- she gave me lots of kisses. She stayed in a fancy hotel room at the Venetian without me or Daddy!

I am also really rolling over like crazy. Once I figured it out, i just couldn't help myself and like to roll all over the floor back and forth. I also am trying to crawl- the army crawl. I can't lift my belly off the floor to really crawl yet, so i just scoot myself across the floor instead for now. After a while, i get really frustrated and start crying. I want to be able to move so bad!! I also really like sitting up, i can't quite do it on my own yet, but i am close. i just like seeing everything that is going on around me.

Me and my cousins- CK and Garrett. CK is so good with babies, he has a new baby brother too. I think Garrett and I look alike- we have the big Peters head!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My first Easter!

Well where do I start? I have been so busy lately! I had my first trip to the zoo, my first taste of baby food as well as my first Easter. Here is a pic of me in my cool golf hat I wore for Easter. Mama bought it for me! It barely fit my head though. I went and had dinner with my family and got a picture with my two cousins on mommy's side of the family. This is Ally (5), me and Michael (18mos). Mikey and I are going to be such good friends once I get big enough to play with him. We have big plans for some sandcastle building at the beach this summer.
Here are all my cousins on Daddy's side of the family. There are 6 of us now......this was on Easter. Back row- Garrett, CK, second row- Camille, Lindsay, Granny holding Christian (3 mos), Great Granny and me! Christian and I were born only months apart!I am also going through a really fun phase right now where I torture my parents every night before going to sleep. I kick like crazy, i put my hands in my face and play with my hands.....anything to stay awake. It now takes a good hour or two for my parents to get me to bed. And once i do finally fall asleep, i keep jerking myself awake, but finally sleep gets the best of me and once asleep, i stay asleep through the night though.

Well my mommy is busy at work and had to go to Orlando for a tradeshow. So Daddy and I were left to fend for ourselves for 4 nights and 5 days. We did great though and had fun together. Here is where mommy was working at the booth.

And here is me and Daddy spending some quality time together.

I also had my first trip to the zoo ever. Mommy and I went to the Fort Worth zoo with some friends. While i am not old enough to understand all the animals, I did really enjoy just looking at the trees and sky! I love my little fishing hat too.

And I also started eating real baby food finally. i started off with peas last week and just tried squash. I really like peas and squash so far! much better than that bland rice cereal stuff. Boy do i love to make a mess when I eat though.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two firsts----rice cereal and my first flight

Rest in Peace Great Grandpa Mike......Lewis Walter Easler Jr. otherwise known as "Mike". He is on the left in his picture of my aunt Wendy, cousin (Ally) and my grandpa. this was taken before I was born. But I was lucky enough to see my great grandpa Mike before he passed away on Friday, March 7th at 11:30pm. He was a very special man to me, because without him, i would not have been possible. I am his ever lasting legacy on this earth. What a special gift, huh? Because mommy and daddy had trouble getting pregnant, they had to do in vitro or IVF to have me. It is not cheap and Grandpa Mike helped them pay for it. So if he had not been so generous, I would not be here. I am named after my grandma, his wife, Ellen Reed who passed away 4 years ago. (My middle name- Reed). It is also my grandpa's name- Jimmie Reed. My parents will share great stories and photos of my great grandpa and remind me of how special he was to us all.

So the doctor okayed us to start rice cereal. I am eating a little every night now- and after a week, mommy is going to feed me rice cereal at breakfast and dinner! i am not quite sure how to eat it yet, i just like to play with it in my mouth for now, but i am slowly getting the hang of it and swallowing it. Boy, do i like to make a mess though!

I also had my first flight this week. Being on an airplane was pretty exciting. Unfortunately it was under bad circumstances as my great grandpa passed away. I was very lucky to get there on Friday and see him before he passed away. It was as if he was waiting for me and mommy to get there so he could see us before he went to heaven. I was so good at the hospital and well behaved. Here I am with Grandpa just after the funeral.
I got to meet my cousins- Janine and Buddy. I loved Janine- of course I like blondes! She would talk to me and I would just laugh! My two aunts also kept me entertained in our hotel room. I was a bit fussy going to bed because I was sick and my schedule was messed up with the time change and daylight savings time. Aunt Wendy would rock me in front of the mirror so I could look at myself and she and Nene would sing me disney songs! that finally got me to calm down and to sleep.

Aunt Wendy also rocked me on the porch at my Great Grandpa's house. I liked that a lot! Here I am in just my diaper at the hotel!

Monday, March 3, 2008

4 MONTHS OLD! chunky monkey!

So I just turned 4 months old- although February doesn't have a 30th in it, i guess we will count the 29th as my 4 month mark. I had my doctor appt and weighed in at a whopping 17lbs! That's 90th percentile, meaning I weigh more than 90% of the kids my age. For height, I am 27inches, the 96th percentile. and for my big old noggin.....44.5cm, 97th percentile. I had more shots today and i cried like a baby.....well because i am a baby! I'm allowed. The doctor also told my parents that i might need a helmet to help shape my head better. So we are going to talk to a doctor about that soon. Most kids my age only wear the helmet for 4-12 weeks.

Mommy put some gel in my hair today and made me look so cool with it all spiked up! The girls are going to dig me now!

On Saturday, March 1st, i rolled over for the first time ever. Man was that hard. i started off on tummy time and rolled to my side and sat there for a while, then i rolled all the way over to my back again. of course i wouldn't do it a second time since Mommy really wanted me to.

Poor daddy got sick this week so he hasn't gotten to hold me or touch me all week long. hopefully he is better so we can play again. but i have been lucky and have not gotten sick. Me and mommy hanging out on the couch----

The doctor also told me i can start eating rice cereal and in a month, i can start baby food! before you know it, i'll be weighing in at 20lbs.

My dogs, Tinkerbell and Sassy were fighting over who was going to get to lick the formula drooling from my mouth!