Friday, August 22, 2008

9.5 months old

So I am almost 10 months old! 9 and a half to be exact. We had a fun time yesterday at Daddy's boss' house in Southlake. It is a huge home with a fun pool in the backyard. They were having a company pool party. So I got to do my favorite thing, swim! I also got to play with some toys on the patio. I loved pushing this truck around. Guess I am going to be a 'car guy' like Daddy!

I love playing with all my toys. When I am dropped off at day care, I go straight for the toy bin! I do the same thing at home. It's funny though, i sometimes prefer just playing with the wipes container or a door more than my toys. I like to push doors open and close.
I am also eating more and more tablefood, even though i still do NOT have any teeth! Mommy lets me use my hands to eat a lot so I can practice feeding myself. I've had spaghetti, peas, carrots, bananas and a ton more.
Mommy had to take a pic of me wearing some mouse ears, of course!
I always get a little juice and water when I get home and just love playing with my sippy cups!

I also discovered I can crawl under the dining room table. I love to follow the dogs under there. Sometimes I get stuck under there and cry for mommy to get me out!
I am really 'cruising' these days. I hold onto the furniture and just walk around the whole table! Nothing is safe from me anymore. If it is on the table, i am going to grab it. remote controls- beware!

I also like to have my nighttime bottle on the couch sometimes. Here I am in my cool CARS pajamas!
And Here I am chasing my toy around the house. I really have a thing for pushing my toy all over the floor and following it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pulling up and playing

I am so into playing now. I spend a few hours each night at home playing with all my fun toys. One of my favorites is this activity table from Aunt Wendy and Uncle Mike! I love hand me downs. I love to flip the book pages back and forth. For a while, I was getting my finger caught as I slammed the page down, but I finally figured out to move my hand.

I always follow Mommy when she heads towards the kitchen. She had to put a gate up to keep me out! I would try and go in there and get into the dog bowls!

I was playing with a balloon at my cousin Ally's bday party. I know, they aren't safe. But I have no teeth or sharp nails and liked it. Mommy won't let me play with one once I can pop it- those loose pieces are dangerous!
Then I went to mama's house after the party and my cousin MIkey and I hung out together in our diapers. YOu know, white trash baby style! Aren't we cute? We are going to be best buddies- he is 11 months older than me. Notice how big my head is compared to his!? LOL and he is almost a year older!
And here I am standing up in my pak and play!