Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

A few weeks back, they had 'fairy tale' week at day care. I remember being a little appalled when he came home on that friday with his drawings from the week. There was one of little red riding hood and then just a page with two big scary, sharp wolf claws. No wolf, but just the actual hands/claws. And not friendly looking ones, scary looking ones. I, for the life of me couldn't figure out why they would give a 2yo a scary wolf claw picture to color? LOL..........well fairy tale week I guess was still fresh on his mind. Last night as I put him to bed, he says there is a baby in the closet. Then he says the big bad wolf is in the closet. I thought he might be scared. Then he said the big bad wolf was in his bedroom. Keep in mind, also, Will hasn't been the most verbal kid and slightly slow on developing his language, so this was actually the first time i heard him say 'closet' or 'bedroom', so i was happy! But then the whole big bad wolf thing? lol. He did ask to keep his bedroom door open, which we usually close, since his room is at the top of the stairs. I guess he was a little scared, but 5 minutes later he ended up saying he wanted the big bad wolf in his bed. And he did let me shut the door. This morning I asked if the big bad wolf slept in his bed and he said yes and smiled. Crazy kid.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mustard or Ketchup?

So while at the store the other day with my mom and sister, I needed something to occupy Will in the cart while we shopped. to the rescue..........a plastic ketchup and mustard bottle set for $3. He played with it the whole time. And now that we are home, he is having a ball with these simple bottles. They were a huge hit in the bath tub too- fill them up, empty them, pour them into each other and of course, SQUIRT!

The Croup Crept Up!

After having gone almost 6 months or more without being sick, Will finally caught something. On tuesday, he wasn't feeling so well and by Wednesday, day care had called saying he was running 101 fever. Right as I pulled up to the gym, which is conveniently located right next door to his day care.......I get the call. So i ran over and picked him up. Poor guy was so lethargic. We went to the doctor and he had croup. We were given a steroid, but only one dose and by thursday, he wasn't feeling good still. Alan stayed home with him on Thursday (and took him to the office for a bit when he was feeling better in the am), but by Thursday pm, it was time to call Mama (grandma). he totally lost his voice and was whispering and was extra cuddly, which for William is a lot- the kid never sits still!
Here's our sick little guy at the doctor.

Mama came and stayed the night on thursday and watched him on Friday, but I took him back to the doc and they just said his case of croup was really bad. He got some more steroids and it is finally clearing up. But no swim lessons or water park for him this weekend.
.......and finally, when he is feeling better!


So besides "No" or "I want this", the other famous words lately are "I want to do it myself!". William is so independent lately. From wanting to always turn on lights and fans himself, to wanting to help feed the dogs, he is all about doing it himself. He throws a major fit if you try and do something he wanted to do all by himself. Including, cutting his nails with clippers, which you can imagine, we didn't let him do. He still loves the trash and likes to take the trash out with me like this morning- and then replace the bag. At my sister's recent party, he saw the trash was full and went looking in her pantry for another bag!!! LOL- talk about obsessed with trash! We have given him a 'chore' of feeding the dogs, he does pretty well with it so far.
He also still likes to help clean, including sweeping!

He even likes to use the dust pan! Here's hoping my little clean freak stays clean and doesn't become a teenage slob one day like most are destined too!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cereal, Trains and Cousins, oh MY!

Well it's been a busy few weeks and haven't had much time to update lately. Work has been extremely crazy, preparing for our Annual User Conference- this year held July 25-27 at the Wynn Las Vegas. I'll have some great pics of it soon, including of our 80s party!

In the meantime, Will is just growing and growing. He is almost 39inches tall and we haven't weighed him lately. He is in size 5 diapers. We are sort of working on potty training, but not actively- he just isn't quite ready yet. He will sit on the potty, but has yet to actually go. He does like to flush though! lol. who doesn't?

He also recently discovered cereal- he loves banana nut cheerios with milk. He has always had cheerios, just not eaten them with milk and spoon. He asks for it all the time now and of course, drinks all the milk!

He also loves playing with his choo choo train we bought at disney world. It blows real smoke and boy is it loud!

This past weekend we visited my sister's new house for my niece's 7th bday- happy bday Ally! Will and his cousin Michael took a few pictures together. Michael is a year older and they are really starting to play together more!

Will still loves his day care and has made quite a few friends. In fact, the other day as he was leaving, a little girl came to the door and hugged him and kissed his cheek. So sweet! He is learning so much. He can count to 30 and to 10 in spanish. His language improves everyday and we can understand him more clearly. There are still sometimes when we have no clue what he is saying though. He still loves trash, turning off and on lights and playing all day long. Loves the water and being outside on his water table. He also really likes Dora right now. He can't quite dress himself yet, but can get his socks and shoes off and his crocs on himself. He can pulls his pants/shorts up and down, but hasn't figured out his shirt yet. He loves wearing hats. He also has enjoyed getting his haircut and asks to go 'get haircut'.

And every night before going to bed, he asks questions repeatedly over and over again:
"Can we go eat with Pooh bear?"
"i go see mama papa's new house"
"I go see Granny"
"I go to McDonald's"

Unfortunately with the high temps we have had (105 yesterday), we have had to stay inside more, but hopefully hitting the waterpark next weekend again!