Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Croup Crept Up!

After having gone almost 6 months or more without being sick, Will finally caught something. On tuesday, he wasn't feeling so well and by Wednesday, day care had called saying he was running 101 fever. Right as I pulled up to the gym, which is conveniently located right next door to his day care.......I get the call. So i ran over and picked him up. Poor guy was so lethargic. We went to the doctor and he had croup. We were given a steroid, but only one dose and by thursday, he wasn't feeling good still. Alan stayed home with him on Thursday (and took him to the office for a bit when he was feeling better in the am), but by Thursday pm, it was time to call Mama (grandma). he totally lost his voice and was whispering and was extra cuddly, which for William is a lot- the kid never sits still!
Here's our sick little guy at the doctor.

Mama came and stayed the night on thursday and watched him on Friday, but I took him back to the doc and they just said his case of croup was really bad. He got some more steroids and it is finally clearing up. But no swim lessons or water park for him this weekend.
.......and finally, when he is feeling better!

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