Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New videos- 3 months old and the dogs love me!

Who me? I'm a big boy!

Will's official 3 month birthday today- he is already wondering where his cake is!

we had a little fun with the dogs last night. Tink and Sassy were wishing him a happy birthday with lots of birthday kisses!

Will has spent the last 3 months playing and growing like a weed. We spend at least an hour each night playing on his gym mat, in his jumperoo or doing the dreaded tummy time. Watch this cute video of him jumping! We had to add phone books for him to be able to reach, but he loves it.

He wore himself out and fell asleep!

Will is also quite the talker these days. He loves to coo and babble on incessantly in the mornings and at night. He even tries to mimic our tongue movement, he is quite the little guy! Here's a video of some of his 'conversation' with me. He loves playing patty cake and just loves the part where i say "throw it in a pan", it always makes him smile.

here are some new pictures- from his bath last night- he adores his bath time and splashes and just chills out, enjoying the warm water

He also loves eating!! This little guy can chug down a bottle in no time, but he is an extremely messy eater and has the occassional 'spitting up' fit like this weekend.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm 3 months OLD!

what a big boy!

Okay officially he is 3 months old tomorrow, 1/30/08, but i am a bit early since i won't be online much tomorrow. He is so big, a real chunker! And he is sleeping so great now. He must have our routine down now. Last night we played from 6pm-7pm, then had a bath at 7 and had a bottle at 7:30. He was asleep by 9pm and didn't wake until 5am. 8 hours straight! Then he ate and was back asleep until 7:30am. he is getting really good at the whole sleeping through the night thing now. I am counting my lucky stars.

He is definitely a morning baby- even when i have to wake him up, he is in such a good mood- just babbling and cooing away. He is so talkative and smiling in the mornings.....he must take after his dad because i am NOT a morning person or a late night person for that matter. He is still thriving in day care too and they have been working on tummy time with him as well. He just gets mad and rubs his nose on the floor or blanket or mat and ends up with a red nose or a scab, poor baby. He is so uncooperative with tummy time. He is also laughing really well now- all out belly laughs and he still loves doing patty cake. When i say 'roll it up and throw it in a pan'- he just laughs and smiles, it is his favorite part of the whole song.

We can't believe 3 months has passed, it seems like just yesterday he was so tiny and so fragile. Now he is so big and growing like a weed!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sleeping in my own room and crib!

Week of January 14th, Will started sleeping in his own crib upstairs in his nursery instead of in our room in his bassinet. he is such a big boy now. He loves his crib and his mobile and rainforest music soother. Here he is enjoying his crib and room!

January 19th- my 3 month old pictures

We took William to get his pictures made for his 3 month birthday! He did great. He is now finally sleeping through the night well too- after many weeks of struggling with his sleep challenges. He would not go to bed before 11pm. Some night, he was up until 3am and would not go to bed for the night until after then and then sleep all day. We finally think he is getting used to his schedule with day care and the past few nights he slept 8 or 9 hours straight! Hopefully that trend continues! Mommy and Daddy are hoping so!

January- Playtime!

Will spent much of January playing and growing. He hates tummy time and thinks it is pure torture! But he loves his bouncer and his swing and his new rainforest jumperoo we got him recently. He also tried out his bumbo chair to practice sitting up. He doesn't quite have the hang of it yet.

He is also getting quite big. AT his 2 month check up- he weighed in at 13lbs, 14oz and 24 inches! he is definitely going to be our little linebacker for sure! His reflux has gotten much better now and he is eating like a champ. He doesn't even fuss or cry unless he is hungry!

Why oh why are you tortuing me with tummy time?

having fun on the couch

More torturous tummy time! Mommy is so mean!

My first smile caught on camera!

Mommy's been trying to catch my smile on camera for a while- she finally got me!

Will's first day of day care

Will's first day of day care at Preston Park Montessori in Plano. He loves it and his teachers love him. He started on December 31st.

Will's First Christmas- What did Santa bring me?

Crying because Santa isn't here yet!

Christmas pictures- he slept or cried the whole time

Where's my presents?

asleep on grandma's shoulder

He's on Santa's nice list, for this year anyway!

Will had his first picture with Santa at Collin Creek Mall....uh, i mean the North Pole. He apparently wasn't too impressed with Santa, since he slept the whole time.

Well Santa brought a lot! Will was so spoiled at Christmas time! He has so many toys to play with when he is ready to!

One of my first real outings and first bath

Will had his first bath after his cord stump fell off and he loved it!

Will had one of his first real outings, other than the grocery store........we went to Chili's for lunch and to a craft fair with my mom, sisters and niece, Ally. He slept the whole time of course!

My first Thanksgiving!

Who me? I'm just chilling!

Will and his cousin Camille

4 Generations of Peters
All these boys do is sleep!

Really there is so much to be thankful for, our little baby boy is finally here with us. We spent thanksgiving day in Oklahoma with Alan's family. It was Will's first real long ride away from home. He slept the whole 2 hour car ride up there. We also used his pak and play to sleep in and he did fine, although he was pretty congested and didn't sleep well. Everyone loved getting to see him and hold him.
We also celebrated Thanksgiving with my family later that week and once again, everyone loved on Will!