Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New videos- 3 months old and the dogs love me!

Who me? I'm a big boy!

Will's official 3 month birthday today- he is already wondering where his cake is!

we had a little fun with the dogs last night. Tink and Sassy were wishing him a happy birthday with lots of birthday kisses!

Will has spent the last 3 months playing and growing like a weed. We spend at least an hour each night playing on his gym mat, in his jumperoo or doing the dreaded tummy time. Watch this cute video of him jumping! We had to add phone books for him to be able to reach, but he loves it.

He wore himself out and fell asleep!

Will is also quite the talker these days. He loves to coo and babble on incessantly in the mornings and at night. He even tries to mimic our tongue movement, he is quite the little guy! Here's a video of some of his 'conversation' with me. He loves playing patty cake and just loves the part where i say "throw it in a pan", it always makes him smile.

here are some new pictures- from his bath last night- he adores his bath time and splashes and just chills out, enjoying the warm water

He also loves eating!! This little guy can chug down a bottle in no time, but he is an extremely messy eater and has the occassional 'spitting up' fit like this weekend.

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