Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Williamisms

We had a rare night where William wanted to watch Snow White with me and "cuddle", yes he picked the movie and used the word cuddle.

He likes saying lines from movies after he watches them.  After seeing Snow White singing by the wishing well and watching the prince come up to her William repeated some lines......pretending to be the prince........"Hello, may I enjoy you?" son, I think he was saying "May I join you", not may I enjoy you.  Prince Charming might have gotten a slap in the face saying that one!

Monday, September 24, 2012

One Big Step

My little guy officially started preschool in August.  While it isn't a huge change for him since he's been at this school since he was 10 weeks old, it is still a big step. William has been at this montessorri forever, so he knows the kids and teachers well, but he was just moved into the official preschool class.

He also had to start wearing a uniform, which he doesn't seem to mind.  He really enjoys school so far, which mainly takes place in the mornings. His teacher, Mrs. Preeti is very sweet and works with each child at their own speed. 

I asked William what he wants to be when he grows up.  To date, he's only given me three different answers, but one wins out most of the time........TEACHER.  The other two were astronaut and doctor.  But he loves playing teacher at home to his "friends" (Pooh Bear, Tigger and the other stuffed animals).  He can definitely be bossy. 

So here's wishing my big boy a great year of preschool.  I know next year will be a really big step into public school and kindergarten, but for now we will hope this year prepares him for what is to come!