Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's been a busy day so far! Mommy woke me up and sang me happy birthday! Then I got breakfast and a bottle before she dropped me off at school. Usually daddy drops me off, but he had a big meeting early at work today.
Then mommy picked me up at day care so we could go for my one year doctor appointment. Yes, i had to get four shots on my birthday! But mommy had to reschedule my original appt and this is all we could get, was on my actual birthday! Here I am at the doctor's waiting room. and guess what I did while there.........................TOOK MY FIRST REAL STEPS!!!

Yep, it was empty in the 'well' waiting area, so mommy was making me practice walking and i took 5-6 steps by myself many times over! How fun, now I can show off to my family this weekend.

And below is some video of me walking!!!


Then after the doctor- we had cupcakes at my day care with my class, all mommy could find in a hurry were orange halloween about messy. I am sure the other parents will love their kids coming home covered in orange!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's my BIRTHDAY! I'm ONE!!!

Remember this? One year ago today!!!
Look how small I was.........

Well today is the big day! I am one!! Can you believe it has been a whole year? Time flies huh? Mommy and Daddy waited so long to have me and have loved every single minute this year. This time last year, Mommy was at the hospital being induced! I was born just after 6:15pm on October 30th.

Today mommy is taking me to the doctor for my one year appointment. Then later on, she is going to bring cupcakes to day care for my class to share. My teacher is going to do a big party for me.

Saturday, we are having my big birthday party with family friends. It is pirate themed and I can't wait!!!!

This past weekend, we went to a pumpkin patch to look at pumpkins. I had so much fun picking my mini pumpkin out. My cousins Ally (5) and Mikey (2) joined me to look at pumpkins.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first haircut!

Well my hair was getting a little long in the back and over my ears, so Mommy took me for my first haircut this past weekend. I cried when i first sat down, but that only lasted 5 seconds. I am teething, so I am fussy lately anyhow, but Mommy gave me a bottle and I calmed down and did great! Now I look like a real big boy with my new haircut! I was so good- I can't say the same for the 3yr old next to me, that kid was screaming his head off!
I also moved into the big boy class at day care- the 12 month-18 months room, even though i am 11 months. All the kids are walking, so I am hoping I will learn from them and start walking soon. I am still cruising the furniture like crazy and even standing for a few seconds on my own. I was really sweet this week to Mommy- as she was rocking me and patting my back, i patted her in return!

Mommy went to my Aunt Nene's bachelorette party last week in Austin- not really sure what a Bachelorette party is, but mommy said she will tell me when I grow up! Here is my Aunt Wendy, Nene, Mommy and MaMa. Nene gets married this weekend and I am going to wear a tux! Mommy is a bridesmaid and Daddy is an usher! I am so happy for my Nene and Uncle Jeff.

We also went to the Texas State Fair this past Sunday. Here is my cousin, Mikey and I chilling out. I am keeping my eye on that one!

And here is Nancy, Uncle Mike and my cousins enjoying all the fried goodness at the fair!Now that I am so mobile, Mommy and Daddy have to sometimes build a 'blockade' to keep me rounded up and away from the stairs, dog food bowls and you know, everything else I get into. So here is how they try and block me. I am sneaky though and sometimes find a way out under the dining room table.
Trying to escape the blockade.Here is my morning face one day when I was teething!

Auntie gave me this great mini rocking chair. I just started using it and really like it!

And a preview of my pirate halloween costume.
I found mommy's magazine and decided to try and eat it!
I love the remote control already! I also started playing peek a boo more this week. Here I am doing it under the blanket!