Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first haircut!

Well my hair was getting a little long in the back and over my ears, so Mommy took me for my first haircut this past weekend. I cried when i first sat down, but that only lasted 5 seconds. I am teething, so I am fussy lately anyhow, but Mommy gave me a bottle and I calmed down and did great! Now I look like a real big boy with my new haircut! I was so good- I can't say the same for the 3yr old next to me, that kid was screaming his head off!
I also moved into the big boy class at day care- the 12 month-18 months room, even though i am 11 months. All the kids are walking, so I am hoping I will learn from them and start walking soon. I am still cruising the furniture like crazy and even standing for a few seconds on my own. I was really sweet this week to Mommy- as she was rocking me and patting my back, i patted her in return!

Mommy went to my Aunt Nene's bachelorette party last week in Austin- not really sure what a Bachelorette party is, but mommy said she will tell me when I grow up! Here is my Aunt Wendy, Nene, Mommy and MaMa. Nene gets married this weekend and I am going to wear a tux! Mommy is a bridesmaid and Daddy is an usher! I am so happy for my Nene and Uncle Jeff.

We also went to the Texas State Fair this past Sunday. Here is my cousin, Mikey and I chilling out. I am keeping my eye on that one!

And here is Nancy, Uncle Mike and my cousins enjoying all the fried goodness at the fair!Now that I am so mobile, Mommy and Daddy have to sometimes build a 'blockade' to keep me rounded up and away from the stairs, dog food bowls and you know, everything else I get into. So here is how they try and block me. I am sneaky though and sometimes find a way out under the dining room table.
Trying to escape the blockade.Here is my morning face one day when I was teething!

Auntie gave me this great mini rocking chair. I just started using it and really like it!

And a preview of my pirate halloween costume.
I found mommy's magazine and decided to try and eat it!
I love the remote control already! I also started playing peek a boo more this week. Here I am doing it under the blanket!

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Kelly said...

What great pics!! Love the haircut pictures...he looks so grow-up sitting in the chair. We also use a blockade-system to keep Brady in or away from certain places. Seems the older he gets, the more he wants to get into everything he shouldn't be! ;)