Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My first time at the pool

Here's a quick pic of mommy and me! I was wearing my really cute Mickey outfit that MawMaw got me!

So Mommy took me the pool for the first time ever. Her and Nene (Aunt mandy) took me to meet my Aunt Wendy and Uncle Mike and my cousins, Ally and Mikey at a mesquite community pool. I had a blast. I really loved splashing in the water. I wasn't afraid at all. Here is Nene and I.

Here is Mommy and I with the Rosenfeld clan- Wendy, Mike, Ally and Mikey.

Mikey shared his orange ball with me- so i had fun playing with it.

I also sat by the little fountains that splashed up and I played with that for a long time. I even would lean over and put my face in it.
Here is Ally trying to give me a kiss.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My busy weekend- 7 months, 3 weeks old

Wow, it's been a long weekend, i am run ragged! On Saturday, mommy and I went to meet some friends for lunch- 5 adults and 5 babies! The other guests in the place were relieved when they saw us head out to the patio. Here are my future girlfriends, Samantha and Mallory- who doesn't love twins!? they were so good at lunch, and slept almost the entire time. They are almost 2 months old.

here's the whole gang at lunch. Carrie with the twins in their carrier (Mommy is holding one), Rhonda with Kodee, Lyn holding me and Sheila with Blayne.

Kodee is my little girlfriend too- we were due at the same time, but she was born early, so she is over a month older than me now. She just stared at me at lunch and then wanted to grab my arm. what a flirt and cutie! watch out Rhonda and KC!

Now that I am moving around like crazy with my army crawl- i love to get over in the entryway and play with the rug. For some reason, i am fascinated with rugs. I like to pull them up and look underneath, i guess i am hoping i'll find a surprise or something.

I also like my juice and water in a sippy cup!

Mommy took me for a walk on Saturday morning since the weather was nice and not too hot yet.

I also really enjoy this pass me down piano toy from Ally and mikey, my cousins. I like to hit the keys and make them play music.

Of course i still love my jumperoo. I can spend an hour in here just jumping up and down and playing.

Adventures in Eating!

Since I am such a big boy now, i am starting to eat a bigger variety of foods. Now that I can lift my belly off the ground and army crawl and almost 'real' crawl, I am eating more solids. I tried a biter biscuit and liked it, talk about messy though! That thing melted all over me and was everywhere. Mommy had to watch me though, so i wouldn't try and eat a big chunk. I did like gnawing it though.

I also had my first real table food- mashed bananas. I love baby food bananas, but these were stronger tasting, so i made a bitter beer face at first, but then I liked them.

I also have tried wagon wheels and these are a mess too. Mommy hates cleaning up after I eat these, but they are good and I can gnaw on them and play. I also hold it pretty well and am working on my coordination of self feeding.

Mommy is also starting to feed me more soft, mushy table foods and stage 3 baby foods like spaghetti! So far, I am doing pretty well and still packing on the pounds!

And lastly- here i am at meal time, just goofing around as always!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

7 months old and trying to crawl

Here I am slowly rocking back and forth on my hands and knees and then falling on my face! it takes practice!
Well I am 7 months old now! Well on my way to a year old. And I have finally figured out how to lift my belly off the ground and try to actually crawl. I am not quite there yet, but I think I'll have it figured out really soon. I rock on my hands and knees back and forth and then move a hand forward or just fall on my face. I don't have the coordination all figured out just yet, but I am getting there.

Here's me and mommy playing around one night. Ignore the boo boo on her nose, she had a mole removed - ouch!

So I love to get up near the tv for some reason. Mommy is trying to break me up that, but I always roll that way. I always manage to kick over the DVDs. The other day I actually started grabbing them with my hand too and guess which one I managed to pick out from right in the middle? Do i have good taste or what?

We had a garage sale at my mawmaw's house and they let me play outside in the exer-saucer and I love it! and no, I wasn't for sale, although people did ask!
Here I am just playing on the floor- my favorite thing to do!

I really like my new big boy car seat. I can see out the window at the world around me. I also like to sleep in it on long car rides!

Here's Daddy and I- he let me fall asleep in his arms.

I love sleeping with my butt in the air these days. It's just so comfy to be all cuddled up like that when I sleep. Mommy thought it was pretty funny though.

here's mommy making me giggle.

Here's mommy trying to get me to dance and copy her----i sort of just wiggled.