Sunday, June 8, 2008

7 months old and trying to crawl

Here I am slowly rocking back and forth on my hands and knees and then falling on my face! it takes practice!
Well I am 7 months old now! Well on my way to a year old. And I have finally figured out how to lift my belly off the ground and try to actually crawl. I am not quite there yet, but I think I'll have it figured out really soon. I rock on my hands and knees back and forth and then move a hand forward or just fall on my face. I don't have the coordination all figured out just yet, but I am getting there.

Here's me and mommy playing around one night. Ignore the boo boo on her nose, she had a mole removed - ouch!

So I love to get up near the tv for some reason. Mommy is trying to break me up that, but I always roll that way. I always manage to kick over the DVDs. The other day I actually started grabbing them with my hand too and guess which one I managed to pick out from right in the middle? Do i have good taste or what?

We had a garage sale at my mawmaw's house and they let me play outside in the exer-saucer and I love it! and no, I wasn't for sale, although people did ask!
Here I am just playing on the floor- my favorite thing to do!

I really like my new big boy car seat. I can see out the window at the world around me. I also like to sleep in it on long car rides!

Here's Daddy and I- he let me fall asleep in his arms.

I love sleeping with my butt in the air these days. It's just so comfy to be all cuddled up like that when I sleep. Mommy thought it was pretty funny though.

here's mommy making me giggle.

Here's mommy trying to get me to dance and copy her----i sort of just wiggled.

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