Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Late May- wedding and memorial day

Well these last two weeks have been busy. Last weekend i went to a wedding for my Uncle Chris. It was great fun and I got to see all my cousins. I really love playing on the floor at home. And I am getting better at sitting up now! I also roll and scoot all over the place and i love to hide under the coffee table. I am very close to crawling now. I have figured out that I have to lift my tummy up. I sometimes lift it up and rock back and forth on my knees and hands, so I am very close to crawling. I am still very interested in my dogs, Tinkerbell and Sassy. I try and pet them all the time, but they usually run away.

I always sleep on my tummy now, but nowadays, i also like to stick my butt up in the air, like I am doing here. It is so comfortable!

Mommy takes so many pictures of me, that I now have her figured out. I know when she is going to take a picture and I hate that stupid flash, so now I blink to avoid the bright light!

I had a great memorial day weekend and loved spending extra time with my mommy and daddy. I am even on a great schedule now- i wake up at 7am, eat baby food, have a 4oz bottle and then play. I love to play until I have another full bottle at 10am or so, then i nap from 10:30-12:30. then time for lunch- baby food and then another bottle around 1:30. Then I play some more and go down for a second nap around 3 or 3:30. then up at 4:30 and time for more playing until I eat dinner (babyfood/cereal) at 6pm. then I play some more and jump in my jumperoo and then usually get a bath at 7:30. I love my baths! Then mommy rocks me and feeds me one last bottle and I go to bed at about 8pm.
I also have some favorite new toys- this small see and say is from my cousin Michael and I love it! I especially like to try and put it in my mouth, which is silly since it is so big. I also like the little pooh blanket that Nene gave me and sometimes I nap and cuddle with it.

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