Monday, June 22, 2009


My Cleaning Lady- he comes cheap!

Who needs a cleaning lady, when you have an OCD toddler? Will definitely takes after his mom in this department. I am a certified neat freak, our house stays pretty clean. It is hard working full time and still finding time to play with Will and keep the house clean and cook meals, but we manage. All thanks for my little helper. He loves picking up trash and sorting his toys. He loves things in order (see chairs lined up below- and magnets from the fridge all put in a pile)

This morning- i was dusting some to prepare for hosting bunco tomorrow night and Will wanted to use the Swiffer duster too. Here he is dusting! Now if I could only get him to mow the lawn! William also has seen me clean off the coffee table with a rag- so now he likes to do it using a wipe.........

He also loves this tupperware tray my cousin Nancy got us. I think he is pretending it is a broom or something- he moves it around the floor like he is sweeping or something? My crazy neat freak 20 month old- have I created a monster or a great little helper? :)

Father's Day fun

Happy Father's Day!!! We had a pretty good one, considering.......Friday night, both Alan and I started feeling bad. Will had been sick Thursday with a stomach bug. We woke up on Thursday morning and he had thrown up in his crib. Thursday am, he was still puking. So I worked from home that am with him and then my sister (nene) came over and watched him in the pm after she was done teaching summer school. I assume Alan and I caught the stomach bug from Will. Alan and I both prayed to the porcelain gods all night Friday night/Sat am. Good thing we have 3 bathrooms! We were pretty miserable, even my leftover zofran didn't help. Will was up at 7am on Saturday, so we took turns watching him all day Saturday while the other slept. We didn't leave the house and hardly ate. Thankfully, Will was well-behaved and entertained himself most of the day, coloring, talking on the phone, playing in the fridge etc. He also discovered how to climb up on this chest (above) to reach the light switch for the ceiling fan. that clever little munchkin!

On Sunday am- we finally started to feel better. Will and I made banana pecan pancakes for Alan. Then we headed outside to water the flowers and blow bubbles. Will loves the water and since we haven't filled his turtle with sand yet, we filled it with water and let him play.

So we ended up having a pretty good Father's day. Unfortunately, we missed the cookout we had planned for my dad on Sat night. My sister and mom weren't feeling great either this weekend, so we reschedule for next weekend to celebrate with my dad- the best dad in the world!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hamming it up!

William loves to ham it up! We've been pretty busy lately and just started the summer session of swim classes on Saturday. We then headed to Mama's house where Will spent the night Saturday night so we could have parents night out! Here's Will playing around before we went to MaMa's.

And taking a quick nap before his night with Mama and Papa!

William also recently got his grocery cart from Nancy! He loves the one my mom has at her house, it is the first toy he goes for when he goes over there. Now he has his very own, it was hard to find too, we had been looking since Christmas for it. Now he pushes it around the house putting random things like old sippy cups, balls and puzzle pieces.....oh and the occassionly dryer sheet I drop in there.

We enjoyed a nice night out at our friend Lyn and Rob's for a luau/tiki party- they live about 45 minutes or more away, so we don't get togeth as often as we would like. Drinks were had, tons of food was eaten, UFC was watched and there was even a hula lesson from a belly dancer friend of ours! We had a great time and finally made it home around 2am.

Sunday, I was up at 8am and headed to go pick up Will from my parents. He had a great time over there, even doing some of his special 'cleaning'! We headed home and were just in time
to load up the truck and drive up to Oklahoma for our nephew CK's bday party. the drive was a bit longer than we thought, about 2.5 hours, we finally made it and the party had been going on for at least an hour by the time we got there. We enjoyed some pool time and visiting with family. as always, Will enjoyed the water! After the party, it was time for the drive back and Will did great the whole 5 hours (there and back) and didn't cry once. He didn't sleep much either, but was good as usual. We are so lucky to have such a laid back baby! This week Will has dealt with a double ear infection and also tummy issues today.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Day Waterpark

so I am a little late in posting these......but we spent memorial day at Hawaiian Falls with Alissa. Will is such a water baby and just loves it. He loved the slides and especially loved when the big tank of water would dump on the kiddie area. He wanted to stand right under it all.

We had a good weekend- dinner out on Friday, swim class on saturday, followed by errands and a haircut by Aunt Chele. Then we hit up the Allen Outlet Mall with mawmaw, papa, Wendy, Auntie and Ally/Mikey. Had a good time, but were pooped out from all the walking and heat. Today we cleaned the patio off some and Will discovered the water hose as I was rinsing off the patio table. we ended up playing in the water for a good 30 minutes- his soon to be sand box was filled with water instead! He had a ball!