Monday, June 22, 2009

My Cleaning Lady- he comes cheap!

Who needs a cleaning lady, when you have an OCD toddler? Will definitely takes after his mom in this department. I am a certified neat freak, our house stays pretty clean. It is hard working full time and still finding time to play with Will and keep the house clean and cook meals, but we manage. All thanks for my little helper. He loves picking up trash and sorting his toys. He loves things in order (see chairs lined up below- and magnets from the fridge all put in a pile)

This morning- i was dusting some to prepare for hosting bunco tomorrow night and Will wanted to use the Swiffer duster too. Here he is dusting! Now if I could only get him to mow the lawn! William also has seen me clean off the coffee table with a rag- so now he likes to do it using a wipe.........

He also loves this tupperware tray my cousin Nancy got us. I think he is pretending it is a broom or something- he moves it around the floor like he is sweeping or something? My crazy neat freak 20 month old- have I created a monster or a great little helper? :)

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Allison said...

That is too cute...Max used to be a neat, not so much!