Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day fun

Happy Father's Day!!! We had a pretty good one, considering.......Friday night, both Alan and I started feeling bad. Will had been sick Thursday with a stomach bug. We woke up on Thursday morning and he had thrown up in his crib. Thursday am, he was still puking. So I worked from home that am with him and then my sister (nene) came over and watched him in the pm after she was done teaching summer school. I assume Alan and I caught the stomach bug from Will. Alan and I both prayed to the porcelain gods all night Friday night/Sat am. Good thing we have 3 bathrooms! We were pretty miserable, even my leftover zofran didn't help. Will was up at 7am on Saturday, so we took turns watching him all day Saturday while the other slept. We didn't leave the house and hardly ate. Thankfully, Will was well-behaved and entertained himself most of the day, coloring, talking on the phone, playing in the fridge etc. He also discovered how to climb up on this chest (above) to reach the light switch for the ceiling fan. that clever little munchkin!

On Sunday am- we finally started to feel better. Will and I made banana pecan pancakes for Alan. Then we headed outside to water the flowers and blow bubbles. Will loves the water and since we haven't filled his turtle with sand yet, we filled it with water and let him play.

So we ended up having a pretty good Father's day. Unfortunately, we missed the cookout we had planned for my dad on Sat night. My sister and mom weren't feeling great either this weekend, so we reschedule for next weekend to celebrate with my dad- the best dad in the world!

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Allison said...

My personal fave pic is the "playing in the fridge"! Priceless. Glad you are all feeling better.