Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where Has the Time Gone?

Okay, I admit it, I am WAY behind on my blog posts. But you know, sometimes life gets in the way. Being a full time working mom means my free time (wait, what's that?) is often spent catching up on household chores or spending some precious minutes with my son. So the blog suffers. But that's okay.

One day, I'd love to have a full on professional blog, probably Disney-centric, yes, but still, something other than this. This has been a great place for me to sort of capture all those little moments and memories throughout the year. So yes, it's a little selfish, but this year, I plan to focus on more fun posts that just aren't about using a blog as a personal scrapbook.

So I remain behind. Time to catch up.

But where has the time gone? The holidays, our annual Disney trip in October and a super busy time at work sucked it all away. I'll get it back, so stay tuned for a ton of updates, although they might be a little late, I figure better later than never.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Williamisms

After looking at the little boo-boo on his hand that he received at a bounce house birthday party...."Mommy, I have a rum burn." I think he meant rug burn.

We had awful rain last night. While putting him to bed, he asked about the rain. I told him how it was good and we need it to help the grass and plants grow and fill up the lakes. So he says, "So does the thunder help our house grow?" Hmmmm, I don't think so kid.

"Mommy, check my butt, check my butt!" We are still working on him wiping himself well. So he insists on me "checking" the area for him after he is done. This often occurs after I have already put him to bed and he suddenly gets back up at 10pm to use the bathroom. Oh the joys of motherhood.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday Williamisms

William has really gotten into his imaginative play. Heard this evening while playing with his Batman "castle"..... "Come up here Robin. I can't see you. Just take the elevator!"

"I am going down the beanstalk, I have to take my brother to the hospital." (another make believe play time story)

Anytime you ask him a question lately, he usually starts his answer with "Let's see.......hmmmm."

"I tooted."

"Mommy, I don't have to have any shots until I am 10?"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Williamisms

How does the apple juice get in my pee pee. Maybe a door opens up and goes in my pee pee

Mommy, I can't close my eyes because I keep hearing scary baby noises.

Mommy, if I am getting presents from everyone, then Santa doesn't need to bring me any.