Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Late May- wedding and memorial day

Well these last two weeks have been busy. Last weekend i went to a wedding for my Uncle Chris. It was great fun and I got to see all my cousins. I really love playing on the floor at home. And I am getting better at sitting up now! I also roll and scoot all over the place and i love to hide under the coffee table. I am very close to crawling now. I have figured out that I have to lift my tummy up. I sometimes lift it up and rock back and forth on my knees and hands, so I am very close to crawling. I am still very interested in my dogs, Tinkerbell and Sassy. I try and pet them all the time, but they usually run away.

I always sleep on my tummy now, but nowadays, i also like to stick my butt up in the air, like I am doing here. It is so comfortable!

Mommy takes so many pictures of me, that I now have her figured out. I know when she is going to take a picture and I hate that stupid flash, so now I blink to avoid the bright light!

I had a great memorial day weekend and loved spending extra time with my mommy and daddy. I am even on a great schedule now- i wake up at 7am, eat baby food, have a 4oz bottle and then play. I love to play until I have another full bottle at 10am or so, then i nap from 10:30-12:30. then time for lunch- baby food and then another bottle around 1:30. Then I play some more and go down for a second nap around 3 or 3:30. then up at 4:30 and time for more playing until I eat dinner (babyfood/cereal) at 6pm. then I play some more and jump in my jumperoo and then usually get a bath at 7:30. I love my baths! Then mommy rocks me and feeds me one last bottle and I go to bed at about 8pm.
I also have some favorite new toys- this small see and say is from my cousin Michael and I love it! I especially like to try and put it in my mouth, which is silly since it is so big. I also like the little pooh blanket that Nene gave me and sometimes I nap and cuddle with it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My 6 month check up!

Well i am 6.5 months old and finally had my 6 month checkup. I weight 20 and a half pounds! that's 90th percentile on weight, so I am still a big boy. I am 27.5 inches tall, that is 97th percentile for my age, so i am super tall!!! I have a huge head still 47.5cm, 97th percentile. So overall i am just a big boy. I am probably about as big as most 9 month olds are! I can even wear some 12 month old clothes even. It is time to switch me to a big boy car seat next week too. I have simply outgrown my baby carrier. Thanks to mawmaw for buying me my super great big boy carseat!

I still won't take a pacifier, but i am really discovering my thumb and starting to suck it more and more, really just at night before going to bed a little though.
and here I am playing with Daddy the other night!

I am also trying to learn to wave bye bye- here is my first attempt- I sort of got it!

I also am just rolling all over the floor still. Here I got stuck under the pak and play. Mommy and Daddy thought it was pretty funny though.

I still love playing with my toys on the floor.

I am very intrigued by the dogs lately too. I want to touch them and pet them so bad, but they tend to scurry away for some reason?

Friday, May 2, 2008

6 Months Old!!!

Well it's official, i am now half a year old- yeah for 6 months. It's been a great 6 months so far. I am a pretty easy baby overall. I only cry when i am hungry or my teeth/gums hurt. I sleep 9-10 hours a night and through the night. I am loving eating my baby food and am now doing the stage 2 bigger portions. I am sitting up and rolling around the house. I put everything in my mouth too. Give me your finger and it goes in my mouth! My day care loves me. My teacher said I was her best baby in 17 years and the owner said i am now her favorite baby out of all the babies there. They love that I am so chunky, healthy and easy going.

Can you believe how big I am?
Look at me- I can sit unassisted now for a few minutes at a time. I am still working on my balance though, but I am getting better. Here's a video of me sitting and falling over.

What are you looking at? Still sitting!

Sitting in my bumbo chair which I don't really like. I try and lean back and get out of it, but mommy makes me practice sitting in it sometimes to strengthen my back more.

I really like to try and put my feet in my mouth all the time. I am also pulling my socks off now.

Sleeping soundly on the couch. I just dozed off for a little bit!

I had just woken up and wasn't quite with it yet. But I do look cute in my new shirt for the Gap! Nene would be proud of my taste in fashion.

Another goofy look on my face! Must get that from mommy.

And to all a good night. Me and mommy resting on the couch. She is so comfy to lay on.