Thursday, May 15, 2008

My 6 month check up!

Well i am 6.5 months old and finally had my 6 month checkup. I weight 20 and a half pounds! that's 90th percentile on weight, so I am still a big boy. I am 27.5 inches tall, that is 97th percentile for my age, so i am super tall!!! I have a huge head still 47.5cm, 97th percentile. So overall i am just a big boy. I am probably about as big as most 9 month olds are! I can even wear some 12 month old clothes even. It is time to switch me to a big boy car seat next week too. I have simply outgrown my baby carrier. Thanks to mawmaw for buying me my super great big boy carseat!

I still won't take a pacifier, but i am really discovering my thumb and starting to suck it more and more, really just at night before going to bed a little though.
and here I am playing with Daddy the other night!

I am also trying to learn to wave bye bye- here is my first attempt- I sort of got it!

I also am just rolling all over the floor still. Here I got stuck under the pak and play. Mommy and Daddy thought it was pretty funny though.

I still love playing with my toys on the floor.

I am very intrigued by the dogs lately too. I want to touch them and pet them so bad, but they tend to scurry away for some reason?

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