Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Day Waterpark

so I am a little late in posting these......but we spent memorial day at Hawaiian Falls with Alissa. Will is such a water baby and just loves it. He loved the slides and especially loved when the big tank of water would dump on the kiddie area. He wanted to stand right under it all.

We had a good weekend- dinner out on Friday, swim class on saturday, followed by errands and a haircut by Aunt Chele. Then we hit up the Allen Outlet Mall with mawmaw, papa, Wendy, Auntie and Ally/Mikey. Had a good time, but were pooped out from all the walking and heat. Today we cleaned the patio off some and Will discovered the water hose as I was rinsing off the patio table. we ended up playing in the water for a good 30 minutes- his soon to be sand box was filled with water instead! He had a ball!

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