Monday, June 23, 2008

Adventures in Eating!

Since I am such a big boy now, i am starting to eat a bigger variety of foods. Now that I can lift my belly off the ground and army crawl and almost 'real' crawl, I am eating more solids. I tried a biter biscuit and liked it, talk about messy though! That thing melted all over me and was everywhere. Mommy had to watch me though, so i wouldn't try and eat a big chunk. I did like gnawing it though.

I also had my first real table food- mashed bananas. I love baby food bananas, but these were stronger tasting, so i made a bitter beer face at first, but then I liked them.

I also have tried wagon wheels and these are a mess too. Mommy hates cleaning up after I eat these, but they are good and I can gnaw on them and play. I also hold it pretty well and am working on my coordination of self feeding.

Mommy is also starting to feed me more soft, mushy table foods and stage 3 baby foods like spaghetti! So far, I am doing pretty well and still packing on the pounds!

And lastly- here i am at meal time, just goofing around as always!

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