Monday, June 23, 2008

My busy weekend- 7 months, 3 weeks old

Wow, it's been a long weekend, i am run ragged! On Saturday, mommy and I went to meet some friends for lunch- 5 adults and 5 babies! The other guests in the place were relieved when they saw us head out to the patio. Here are my future girlfriends, Samantha and Mallory- who doesn't love twins!? they were so good at lunch, and slept almost the entire time. They are almost 2 months old.

here's the whole gang at lunch. Carrie with the twins in their carrier (Mommy is holding one), Rhonda with Kodee, Lyn holding me and Sheila with Blayne.

Kodee is my little girlfriend too- we were due at the same time, but she was born early, so she is over a month older than me now. She just stared at me at lunch and then wanted to grab my arm. what a flirt and cutie! watch out Rhonda and KC!

Now that I am moving around like crazy with my army crawl- i love to get over in the entryway and play with the rug. For some reason, i am fascinated with rugs. I like to pull them up and look underneath, i guess i am hoping i'll find a surprise or something.

I also like my juice and water in a sippy cup!

Mommy took me for a walk on Saturday morning since the weather was nice and not too hot yet.

I also really enjoy this pass me down piano toy from Ally and mikey, my cousins. I like to hit the keys and make them play music.

Of course i still love my jumperoo. I can spend an hour in here just jumping up and down and playing.

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