Sunday, September 28, 2008

11 months old!

I am officially 11 months old on 9/30! Only one month to go until I am a big boy at a year old! Mommy is about to send out invitations for my pirate themed birthday party on Nov 1st! I also have my halloween costume- a pirate!!! I plan to wear it for my birthday party too.

I now have 2 teeth on the bottom middle. I can clap, play peek a boo, make new sounds, including humming type noises with my mouth closed. I am close to walking, but not quite there yet. I am also about to move into the big boy classroom at day care - the 12-18mos room. I am excited about that too. I am also drinking 4 bottles a day- but actually 2 of those 4 are sippy cups of formula so I can get used to cups instead of bottles. I still nap twice a day, but it might go to once a day in my new class. I eat regular table food at day care now too. I love veggies, chicken and cinnamon raisin bread and pancakes! Mommy just bought me a huge tub of animal crackers and I love those too.

Mommy and Daddy bought me this 'Cars' themed little car that I love! I can ride it or walk behind it. Here is Daddy playing with me on it! It makes all sorts of great sounds and noises.....cha cha cha cha pow!

I am just really into cars right now. Anything with wheels I can push around. So mommy bought me a smaller one I can use on my high chair!
I also love playing ball. I'll even throw the ball to you! Here I am with my favorite ball. I like to watch it bounce and chase it around the house. The dogs sometimes get confused and think it is their ball though.

I am pretty laid back and easy going, so of course I just find anything to play with, like this pillow- hours of entertainment on end!
And here I am playing with TWO cars at once. I was moving them both and crashing them! MAma and Papa (grandparents) got the cool dump truck for me.


Kelly said...

Love the Cars push/ride-on truck!! Brady has something very similiar and he loves it too!! Will is getting so big...what a little cutie!!! Can't wait to see pics from his party!

rocknrollmcmama said...

I love all of the new pictures! Ellery has a favorite ball too. The pirate themed birthday party sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun, can't wait to see lil' pirate Will!