Friday, September 12, 2008

I started my swim lessons and this was my second week. Mommy had a baby shower to go to and didn't want to get wet, so Daddy got in the pool with me. I love playing with the balls in teh water. Here we are on the water jungle gym
And yes, we are supposed to be practicing hanging on to the side, but i prefer to eat it instead.
And riding the magic carpet in the pool!
Here's my best bud Sassy and I. She actually lets me pet her. Tinkerbell doesn't though, she usually runs away.
See, I am gentle. good dog!
Okay, now I am going in for a lick!
Shennigan's under the coffee table!

And here I am being extremely silly while I eat dinner the other night. I was making all sorts of 'grunting' noises. My cousin Mikey does 'strong man' where he flexes and grunts, so I was probably trying to copy him.
Then here I am pushing my car around. I love pushing toys around- whether they are cars or on wheels or not. Mommy and Daddy are taking me to get some big cars this weekend hopefully!
I also love playing with balls. IN fact I said the word ball this week! Then went and got it!

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Kelly said...

Wow - your swim lessons look WAY more fun than the Brady's!!! Lots of fun toys and stuff to play with!! How cool!!