Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's my BIRTHDAY! I'm ONE!!!

Remember this? One year ago today!!!
Look how small I was.........

Well today is the big day! I am one!! Can you believe it has been a whole year? Time flies huh? Mommy and Daddy waited so long to have me and have loved every single minute this year. This time last year, Mommy was at the hospital being induced! I was born just after 6:15pm on October 30th.

Today mommy is taking me to the doctor for my one year appointment. Then later on, she is going to bring cupcakes to day care for my class to share. My teacher is going to do a big party for me.

Saturday, we are having my big birthday party with family friends. It is pirate themed and I can't wait!!!!

This past weekend, we went to a pumpkin patch to look at pumpkins. I had so much fun picking my mini pumpkin out. My cousins Ally (5) and Mikey (2) joined me to look at pumpkins.

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Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Will!!!! I love seeing the baby cute! :) Hard to believe a year has gone by, huh? He is such a cutie-pie! Hope his party goes smoothly...can't wait to see pics!