Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's been a busy day so far! Mommy woke me up and sang me happy birthday! Then I got breakfast and a bottle before she dropped me off at school. Usually daddy drops me off, but he had a big meeting early at work today.
Then mommy picked me up at day care so we could go for my one year doctor appointment. Yes, i had to get four shots on my birthday! But mommy had to reschedule my original appt and this is all we could get, was on my actual birthday! Here I am at the doctor's waiting room. and guess what I did while there.........................TOOK MY FIRST REAL STEPS!!!

Yep, it was empty in the 'well' waiting area, so mommy was making me practice walking and i took 5-6 steps by myself many times over! How fun, now I can show off to my family this weekend.

And below is some video of me walking!!!


Then after the doctor- we had cupcakes at my day care with my class, all mommy could find in a hurry were orange halloween about messy. I am sure the other parents will love their kids coming home covered in orange!

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