Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

Well it was my first "real" halloween, since last year, i was only ONE DAY old on Halloween at still at the hospital. The weather was very warm in TX for halloween. Mom was running late and super busy at work, but she picked me up at about 6pm from day care, then we got home and my grandma and grandpa (mama and papa) came over, as did my 'Auntie'. Then Nene and Uncle Jeff too. They all got to see me walk!! Below is a sample when i was just in my diaper and preparing to get in costume.

After my walking practice, it was time to don my pirate outfit- ARGH matees! Ships ahoy! Unfortunately since it was so warm out, i couldn't wear it for long since it was of a heavy material. I also didn't care for my hat and kept trying to take it off and eat it. Oh well, we got a few pictures. Mommy took me to two houses in the neighborhood and they gave me so much candy, that I can't even eat yet! Me and Nene (Aunt Mandy)Me and Auntie

Me and Mama and Papa!

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