Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm 3 months OLD!

what a big boy!

Okay officially he is 3 months old tomorrow, 1/30/08, but i am a bit early since i won't be online much tomorrow. He is so big, a real chunker! And he is sleeping so great now. He must have our routine down now. Last night we played from 6pm-7pm, then had a bath at 7 and had a bottle at 7:30. He was asleep by 9pm and didn't wake until 5am. 8 hours straight! Then he ate and was back asleep until 7:30am. he is getting really good at the whole sleeping through the night thing now. I am counting my lucky stars.

He is definitely a morning baby- even when i have to wake him up, he is in such a good mood- just babbling and cooing away. He is so talkative and smiling in the mornings.....he must take after his dad because i am NOT a morning person or a late night person for that matter. He is still thriving in day care too and they have been working on tummy time with him as well. He just gets mad and rubs his nose on the floor or blanket or mat and ends up with a red nose or a scab, poor baby. He is so uncooperative with tummy time. He is also laughing really well now- all out belly laughs and he still loves doing patty cake. When i say 'roll it up and throw it in a pan'- he just laughs and smiles, it is his favorite part of the whole song.

We can't believe 3 months has passed, it seems like just yesterday he was so tiny and so fragile. Now he is so big and growing like a weed!

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