Sunday, August 15, 2010


So besides "No" or "I want this", the other famous words lately are "I want to do it myself!". William is so independent lately. From wanting to always turn on lights and fans himself, to wanting to help feed the dogs, he is all about doing it himself. He throws a major fit if you try and do something he wanted to do all by himself. Including, cutting his nails with clippers, which you can imagine, we didn't let him do. He still loves the trash and likes to take the trash out with me like this morning- and then replace the bag. At my sister's recent party, he saw the trash was full and went looking in her pantry for another bag!!! LOL- talk about obsessed with trash! We have given him a 'chore' of feeding the dogs, he does pretty well with it so far.
He also still likes to help clean, including sweeping!

He even likes to use the dust pan! Here's hoping my little clean freak stays clean and doesn't become a teenage slob one day like most are destined too!

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Sofia said...

My son is just like that too! Since he was still a little boy he would help me out with the spoons from the dishwasher! Now he'll pick up my husband's coffee cup (empty or not) and takes it to the sink! And he always wants to answer the phone!

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