Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

A few weeks back, they had 'fairy tale' week at day care. I remember being a little appalled when he came home on that friday with his drawings from the week. There was one of little red riding hood and then just a page with two big scary, sharp wolf claws. No wolf, but just the actual hands/claws. And not friendly looking ones, scary looking ones. I, for the life of me couldn't figure out why they would give a 2yo a scary wolf claw picture to color? LOL..........well fairy tale week I guess was still fresh on his mind. Last night as I put him to bed, he says there is a baby in the closet. Then he says the big bad wolf is in the closet. I thought he might be scared. Then he said the big bad wolf was in his bedroom. Keep in mind, also, Will hasn't been the most verbal kid and slightly slow on developing his language, so this was actually the first time i heard him say 'closet' or 'bedroom', so i was happy! But then the whole big bad wolf thing? lol. He did ask to keep his bedroom door open, which we usually close, since his room is at the top of the stairs. I guess he was a little scared, but 5 minutes later he ended up saying he wanted the big bad wolf in his bed. And he did let me shut the door. This morning I asked if the big bad wolf slept in his bed and he said yes and smiled. Crazy kid.

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