Monday, March 3, 2008

4 MONTHS OLD! chunky monkey!

So I just turned 4 months old- although February doesn't have a 30th in it, i guess we will count the 29th as my 4 month mark. I had my doctor appt and weighed in at a whopping 17lbs! That's 90th percentile, meaning I weigh more than 90% of the kids my age. For height, I am 27inches, the 96th percentile. and for my big old noggin.....44.5cm, 97th percentile. I had more shots today and i cried like a baby.....well because i am a baby! I'm allowed. The doctor also told my parents that i might need a helmet to help shape my head better. So we are going to talk to a doctor about that soon. Most kids my age only wear the helmet for 4-12 weeks.

Mommy put some gel in my hair today and made me look so cool with it all spiked up! The girls are going to dig me now!

On Saturday, March 1st, i rolled over for the first time ever. Man was that hard. i started off on tummy time and rolled to my side and sat there for a while, then i rolled all the way over to my back again. of course i wouldn't do it a second time since Mommy really wanted me to.

Poor daddy got sick this week so he hasn't gotten to hold me or touch me all week long. hopefully he is better so we can play again. but i have been lucky and have not gotten sick. Me and mommy hanging out on the couch----

The doctor also told me i can start eating rice cereal and in a month, i can start baby food! before you know it, i'll be weighing in at 20lbs.

My dogs, Tinkerbell and Sassy were fighting over who was going to get to lick the formula drooling from my mouth!

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