Friday, February 22, 2008

I am 3.5 months now!

I am really getting the hang of how my hands work. I am now reaching out for toys and learning how to grab and hold on to them. Mommy makes me work hard to reach them during tummy time. I hate tummy time usually, but i am getting used to it and better at it. I even pushed myself up on my arms for the first time ever tonight and my mom was so proud! She didn't get it on video, but I did it a few times!!! Of course I leave a trail of slobber behind me too!

Mommy also likes to tickle me and make me smile and laugh! She finally got my laugh on video below.

My how time has flown! i am now almost 4 months old! Don't I look really cute in my hat!?This one is my cool look!

I am wearing the OU shirt that Granny got me- GO OU!!!!!!!

I love to spend time with daddy upstairs on my playmat before going to bed. He plays on his computer and we talk to each other until I get tired and then he puts me to bed for the night in my crib. I am still sleeping through the night really well. I go to bed between 9 and 10pm (after a short nap from 7-8pm) and i don't wake up until 7am most days. Some nights I like to surprise my parents at 4:30 or 5am requesting a snack, but i always go back to sleep right after eating.

Here is a pic of me and mommy before a big party at our house!

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