Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm 5 months old!

I just turned 5 months old on March 30th! I am really getting to be a big boy! My mommy had to travel a lot this month for work to Orlando and Las Vegas, so Daddy watched me a lot while she was gone. Boy did she miss me though- she gave me lots of kisses. She stayed in a fancy hotel room at the Venetian without me or Daddy!

I am also really rolling over like crazy. Once I figured it out, i just couldn't help myself and like to roll all over the floor back and forth. I also am trying to crawl- the army crawl. I can't lift my belly off the floor to really crawl yet, so i just scoot myself across the floor instead for now. After a while, i get really frustrated and start crying. I want to be able to move so bad!! I also really like sitting up, i can't quite do it on my own yet, but i am close. i just like seeing everything that is going on around me.

Me and my cousins- CK and Garrett. CK is so good with babies, he has a new baby brother too. I think Garrett and I look alike- we have the big Peters head!

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