Monday, November 2, 2009

Tricks or Treats?

We had a very busy weekend full of ghosts and goblins and none other than Captain Hook! Friday was Will's 2 year birthday, so we celebrated by bringing cookies up to his day care in the afternoon, then he came back to the office with me for a little while. It was then time to trick or treat at the office. Of course Will was more interested in the trash can and trash than candy. Here he is checking out the office trash can! What a strange kid huh? lol

We had to rush out of my office to head back to his day care for their fall festival. Aunt Nene met us there. Will played games, won candy and rode the choo choo train. He had a blast and got lots of compliments on his costume.

Then on Saturday night, it was time to go trick or treating! Alan got a fog machine to set the mood! My parents came over as did my niece Ally, since the rest of her family fell ill. Nene and Jeff came for a bit too. We had pizza and then headed out. At first William wasn't sure what to do, but followed Ally's lead. He really wanted to go into people's houses! And soon he got the hang of it and was running up the doors and pounding on the door instead of knocking nicely! He also wanted to be handed the candy in his hand, not in his bucket. He had a great time. He doesn't really care for sweets all that much, except m&ms and dum dum suckers. So I guess mommy and daddy will be eating the rest (or the office will!). All and all, Will had a great time on his first real halloween trick or treating!

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