Monday, November 2, 2009

Terrible Twos, Trash and Time Flies

So time flies when you are having fun, right? Well it's been a whirlwind year, full of firsts for our family. 2 years ago, we were so happy to finally welcome our little boy to our family after a year of heart wrenching tests, treatments and more.

William is now a happy and healthy 2 year old- 31lbs and 37.5 inches tall (97th percentile!) and his head is still off the charts in size! big brain, right?

He is still an independent player, he entertains himself for hours reading, doing puzzles and staying busy with his toys. He doesn't really watch much tv, although he will watch Mickey Mouse or Handy Manny for 5- 10 minutes, but not much longer. Like mom, he likes to clean (or at least pretend). Yes, he even puts his dishes in the sink! Talk about well-trained! :) He is afraid of the vacuum cleaner and lawn mowers. Will loves being outside and playing with lights- off and on. And we all know his obsession with trash. He can spot a trash can even while going down the road. he has a 'toy' trash can that he loves to put stuff in and play with. He loves 'bumps' like going over railroad tracks or roller coasters. He still sleeps through the night and has great motor skills. He loves to jump. He is a bit behind on his speech, but we know he will catch up soon and have an assessment scheduled for him soon.

My how he has grown!

New Family- Nov 2007

Peters Family Nov 2008

William Oct 2009

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