Sunday, October 11, 2009

Howdy- Welcome to the State Fair of TX

So we did our annual trip to the TX state fair this Saturday. It was a long day, I was up early and went to step aerobics with my sister Mandy, so i could counteract some of the calories I would ingest later at the fair, in the form of fried "insert whatver you want". in my case, it was fried pecan pie! We started off with a boat ride- Will rode with his cousins, Michael and Ally! Next up was a plane ride- he loved this and even put his hands up in the air when I told him too!

This was a fire truck thing that went up in the air and we shot water at a target.

We stopped for a beer and some more fried goodness! Fletcher's corny dogs and beers that were way too expensive!

nothing like a monster truck in TX! lol- part of the car show

We also did a ride on a 'hot air balloon' kiddie ride that went up in the air and also spun like a teacup. that was his absolute favorite- he laughed the entire time. At least I know we won't have any issues (hopefully) at disney in 2 months on rides! We also rode a kiddie roller coaster and he had a blast on it too- arms in the air and all!

I also had a great time today seeing Mary Poppins the musical (again at fair park- oh the parking nightmare again!). It was fantastic and my sisters, mom and niece Ally all loved it too. Only two months until we get to see Mary herself at WDW!

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