Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Giggles

A few things this weekend, since our land line phone has been out of service for weeks and verizon wants a huge chunk of change to come fix it for a second time, we have decided to cancel our land line altogether. So I went and got an iphone on saturday and so far am loving it! I am giving my old basic phone to Alan, which is a first. The man has refused to carry a cell phone in the past! So you'll be seeing lots more random pics taken with my iphone!

Alan got sick today and seems Will has caught the stomach bug too- hopefully I can fight it off.

We also got Will's school/day care pics this week. A photographer comes in once a quarter or less to take pictures. Will's came out so cute with a beach theme- i just happened to put him in a hawaiian shirt, I had no idea what their backdrop was.
William also had a good time tonight at dinner. I dropped a piece of food and he thought it was hilarious.

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Kelly said...

Love the pic and video!! His little giggle is just too cute!! :)