Monday, May 17, 2010

OCD much?

Wow I have been such a slacker! So my son has definitely taken after me.  He is full blown OCD!!!  He likes to line up his puzzle pieces, animals and loves to clean.  I even found all his books straightened up in a perfect stack on his bed one morning.  He likes to push his little toy shovel around like a vacuum, even though he is afraid of the real vacuum.    I would be concerned, but he is perfectly happy, verbal and social, so i think he just is OCD like me- he likes things organized!  My poor child.  I am sure it will disappear at some point- like the teen years when we all become slobs.  Here he is lining up all his little characters:

We had a great weekend.   Will is still in swim class and loves it!  Here are a few pictures of him swimming.   He can hold his breath for so long.   He swims pretty well, but now that he is using his arms more, he tends to get more upright, instead of on his tummy, so that he is almost walking in the water or treading water.  Too funny.  It always makes me nervous, but he sits there on the side so well, never falling in or trying to get in when it isn't his turn (one kid fell in once and made me nervous!!!).  The teacher takes turns with each of the four kids.
And then we had our annual neighborhood block party this weekend.   William was so scared when the fire truck pulled up- not sure why.   All the other kids loved seeing it.  He jumped in the bounce house some, ate too many cookies and strawberries and had a good time.   Unfortunately it was really hot, so we didn't last but an hour or so. 

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Krysie said...

What a cutie Michelle. And there is NOTHING wrong with being a little Organizationally OCD! My friends joke I have organizers for my organizers. It's the Virgo in me. Haha!