Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sir William I

This past weekend, we took a trip out to the Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, a popular (and HUGE!) renaissance festival.   We only made it about 4 hours before Will was ready for a nap, but we had a good time!

We took the wagon and William only wanted to pull it around most of the time, it wasn't until the very end that he would actually ride in it.  Next time- no wagon or stroller, it was more of a hassle to try and walk slow while he pulled it himself and MR Independent wasn't going to let you pull!

first up- pose with the big scary dungeon master looking guy!  William just wanted to play with the cane!  Maybe we should have bought him a walking stick (they had a ton for sale- and Wizard's staffs too! lol)
Then on for a quick stop for a beer for mommy and daddy!  Then off to the fire whip show- Will loved this one- sure was loud, but very cool!

Then it was time for a turkey leg and sausage on a stick followed by viewing the parade!
Then off to watch the Jousting competition!  I snuck Will off for a quick 'ride' though- of course all the rides are 'old world' with wood and rope.  No space mountain here!  He did enjoy it and had to go by himself due to the weight limit (let's not go there please!).   he did just fine by himself!
Next, someone was getting tired so we had to hit up the petting zoo before heading out.   He loved the goats, turtles and especially the rabbits.  WE have so many rabbits at home in the yard, and he tries to see and catch them in the mornings.   So he enjoyed getting to actually pet one.  He then proceeded to spend about 10 minutes chasing the chickens around, which was pretty darn funny.   We also got to pet llamas, puppies, pot bellied pigs, ducks and more! 

After that, we did a little shopping around and walking around- played in some fountains and then it was time to head out.   Started to get a little too warm and someone was really really getting tired and a little fussy.  We know our limits!   We had a good time and think he did too!   We will definitely be back next year.   The entertainment was great and the 'actors' were all so friendly and fun!

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Krysie said...

Awe! What a cutie. :) I loved going there when I was younger. I can't wait to take Jonah to fun stuff like that.